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Flight 516 passengers describe panic in Japan plane accident

  • A350 collides in Tokyo, Japan
  • Successful evacuation, five fatalities
  • Investigation into runway incident

As soon as the Airbus A350 carrying 379 passengers landed in Tokyo, it collided with a second aircraft, causing the greatest shock.

The jet then accelerated in flames along the runway, emitting fumes and heat.

Efforts to save lives ensued as individuals hurriedly evacuated a cabin filled with toxins, cognizant that their lives hinged on the subsequent seconds.

Remarkably, everyone on Japan Airlines flight 516 managed to escape, attributed to new technologies and a faultless evacuation.

However, those aboard the second aircraft, a smaller coastguard vessel en route to assist earthquake victims, did not fare as well, with five fatalities and the pilot sustaining serious injuries.

Investigations at Haneda airport are ongoing to determine how and why two aircraft could have been on the runway simultaneously.

Passenger statements and videos depict moments of horror and disbelief after the collision.

Survivor accounts describe chaos, with smoke filling the cabin and passengers collapsing to the ground.

Witnesses reported the aircraft tipping to the side, feeling a big bump, and seeing flares and smoke during the incident.

Survivors Describe Miraculous Evacuation

Footage captured moments after the landing shows red lights from an engine still igniting as the cabin fills with smoke.

Despite challenges, the crew executed a classic evacuation, with passengers descending from inflatable slides to flee the engulfed cabin.

Efficiency was hindered by some passengers attempting to retrieve luggage, but the evacuation occurred within critical initial minutes.

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The Airbus A350, constructed of composite carbon-fibre materials, demonstrated resilience despite the collision and fire.

Firefighters struggled to contain the flames as the aircraft fuselage split, taking several hours to extinguish.

Passengers, treated for minor injuries, expressed gratitude for surviving what they deemed a miraculous event.

Amid uncertainties, some survivors expressed determination to understand the incident’s cause before considering boarding another aircraft.

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