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US targets Iran-linked Syrian munition storage sites in response

  • US retaliatory airstrikes in Syria.
  • Response to attacks on US.
  • Iranian-backed militia groups targeted.

Despite reprisal strikes against Iranian-backed forces, the US vowed it will “not hesitate” to defend its citizens.

Airstrikes in Eastern Syria

The Pentagon said the US retaliated by bombing two Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps locations in eastern Syria.

The attacks, which occurred at approximately 1.30 am GMT, are in retaliation for several drone and missile assaults targeting American installations and personnel in Iraq and Syria since October 17th.

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A US official stated that they were executed by two F-16 fighter aircraft armed with precision munitions and targeted weapons and munitions storage facilities near Abu Kamal, a Syrian town on the Iraqi border.

US attacks show its determination to maintain stability and deter more conflicts, maybe sparked by Israel’s fight with Hamas.

If the Middle East crisis intensifies, 2,500 U.S. soldiers in Iraq and 900 in Syria may be targeted.

Since last week, the Pentagon has reported nineteen attacks against American sites and people in Iraq and four in Syria.

Air Force Brigadier General Pat Ryder: Al Tanf Garrison and al Asad Airbase drone assaults injured 21 US soldiers.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated in a statement that the strikes are a “response to a series of ongoing and largely unsuccessful attacks” by militia groups sponsored by Iran.

If Iranian auxiliaries continue to attack American forces, we will take greater actions to protect our people.

According to him, the United States holds Tehran accountable for financing, arming, outfitting, and directing the proxies.

According to Mr. Austin, the narrowly targeted strikes were ordered by President Joe Biden “to make it clear that the United States will not tolerate such attacks and will defend its interests, personnel, and territory.”

Furthermore, he stated that the operation was unrelated to Israel’s conflict with Hamas.

Iran has always supported Hamas, although the US has not specifically accused Iran of the October 7 attack on Israel.

Iranian authorities have openly condemned the US for supplying Israel with weapons for the Gaza invasion.

The United States has previously executed retaliatory strikes against forces sponsored by Iran.

US Determination and Concerns

The United States struck facilities in Syria used by groups affiliated with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in March, following an Iranian-linked attack in northeast Syria that claimed the life of a U.S. contractor and injured seven others.

Consistently, US officials have emphasized that the proportional nature of the American response is intended to deter attacks against US personnel whose attention is directed towards combating the Islamic State.

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