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The Prince of Wales visits Manchester youth initiatives

  • Manchester violence prevention funding
  • Prince’s youth initiative launch
  • Royal engagements and support

The Prince of Wales has launched a new three-year initiative aimed at improving employment, skills, and training for youth at risk of violence by meeting with volunteers.

During his visit to Manchester’s Moss Side today, young people questioned the Prince of Wales about his hairstyle and financial accounts.

Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester, and the Prince’s Royal Foundation each contributed £50,000 to the Manchester Peace Together Alliance, a community-led initiative seeking to identify and resolve the root causes of youth violence.

Encounters and Conversations

While conversing with some of the youths at Hideaway Youth Project, William encountered Amir Hassan, age 11, whose inquiry, “How much do you have in your bank account?” caused him to chuckle.

Subsequently, the pupil reported that William responded with an “unknown.”

When queried about his interest in participating in the art project involving children cutting out tresses they perceived as empowering and positive, the future monarch responded, “I am the last person you should consult.” “My hair is beginning to thin.”

The Prince of Wales visits Manchester youth initiatives

Additionally, the prince participated in a brief game of pool, which elicited murmurs from the spectators due to his two consecutive failures to pot a yellow ball. The £100,000 in funding will be utilized over a three-year period to develop an employment, skills, and training programme for youth at risk of violence.

Youth have received commitments from private sector organisations to participate in work shadowing and apprenticeship programmes.

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“In numerous ways, the city is succeeding,” stated Mr. Burnham. The community remains robust; however, we have yet to establish pathways that enable individuals to recognise the available opportunities and subsequently obtain the necessary support.

“Whether it be academic assistance or personal guidance, support should be provided to enable them to seize those opportunities.” This is, without a doubt, concerning the forthcoming phase of Greater Manchester, in my opinion.

Following a request made to the prince at a garden party the previous year, he stated that William’s attendance was “opportune” and that he had “granted this community the recognition it merits.”

William also encountered a number of mothers whose sons, aged 21 and older, had perished in acts of violence; one of these was Audrey Preston, 57, whose son was murdered three years prior.

She stated, “I believe it is crucial that he visited Moss Side to hear our stories.” Wow, I thought, upon hearing that he was approaching, why would he want to come and listen to me?

Numerous children are assassinated in this region without much regard for their families; we’re essentially left to fend for ourselves; therefore, his presence was beneficial to the community as a whole.

William subsequently visited the Moss Side Millennium Powerhouse, a community centre with a library and sporting facilities, on a brief local excursion.

Cultural Engagement and Philanthropy

Later in May, at the invitation of Wendy Simms, a member of the local Rastafarian community, William honoured his commitment to pay a visit. She encountered the prince while attending a garden celebration at Buckingham Palace as an honoured guest in recognition of her efforts in establishing and managing the local food bank Keeping It Real 24/7 in Moss Side.

William presented Jamaicans with a cornucopia containing foods that held cultural significance, such as okra, yams, and dragon fruit.

Additionally, the Hideaway Youth Project will receive £25,000 from the William’s Royal Foundation to assist in the financing of essential IT equipment and the renovation of a recording studio.

Senior Alliance member and director of the Hideaway Youth Project, Julie Wharton, stated that all Alliance members were “absolutely ecstatic about the launch of the initiative today.”

The prince later that day paid his respects at Jessie’s Wall, a memorial located outside the facility dedicated to Jessie James, a 15-year-old fatally shot victim in 2006.

Following her encounters with other family members and acquaintances, including Barbara Reid, the mother of Jessie, read a statement to William in front of the memorial in which she expressed gratitude for his support and urged him to “take a stand for justice.”

Later, dozens of well-wishers assisted in William’s boisterous farewell, during which he posed for photographs and shook hands with them all before departing.

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