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Rishi Sunak says speeding investigation ‘not essential’; Suella Braverman stays in post.

Allegations that the home secretary requested a private speed awareness training put pressure on the prime minister.

Suella Braverman will remain in her position as home secretary after the prime minister concluded that “further investigation is not necessary” regarding her management of a speeding offense.

In a letter to the home secretary, the prime minister stated that he had consulted with his independent ethics counsel, Sir Laurie Magnus, who advised that “further investigation is not required on this occasion” and that he had “accepted that advice.”

Rishi Sunak says speeding investigation 'not essential'; Suella Braverman stays in post.

Mr. Sunak was under pressure to take action against Ms. Braverman after the Sunday Times reported that she allegedly asked civil servants to arrange a private one-on-one awareness course after she was caught speeding last summer, a move that critics deemed to violate the ministerial code.

After receiving a letter from Ms. Braverman in which she apologized for causing “distraction.” Mr. Sunak stated, “I have determined that these matters do not constitute a violation of the ministerial code.”

However, acknowledging the controversy that followed the publication of the reports, he added, “As you have acknowledged, a better course of action could have been taken to avoid the appearance of impropriety.”

Mr. Sunak’s decision was promptly criticized by the Liberal Democrats, who called it a “cowardly cop-out.”

In the exchange of letters, the home secretary admitted, “Had I been in a similar situation again. I would have taken a different course of action.”

She stated that she had “always been honest and forthright, and made decisions based solely on what I believed to be right and appropriate given my position”

Instead of enrolling in an in-person speed awareness course with other motorists or completing an online course that would reveal her identity to other participants, Ms. Braverman reportedly asked civil servants to set up a private one-on-one course.

She reportedly sought assistance from a political aide when the civil servants refused. Who requested that the course organizer provide a private session, permit her to use an alias or disable her camera.

According to the article, when the course provider declined, Ms. Braverman decided to accept the three points on her license.

Due to her “personal circumstances” and the security, she receives as a government minister. Ms. Braverman stated that she “explored the possibility of tailor-made arrangements.”

She stated, “I recognize how some have interpreted my actions as an attempt to evade punishment. But that was never my intention or outcome.”

“However, given the importance of integrity in public life, I regret that my actions may have contributed to this perception. And I apologize for the disruption this has caused.”

Chief Whip of the Liberal Democrats, Wendy Chamberlain, stated, “With every scandal, we see the prime minister dilly-dally, delay, and backtrack, never taking decisive action.”

“This is not the leadership the nation requires during such a severe crisis in the cost of living. Sunak is too feeble to even commission an investigation, much less dismiss his home secretary.

“Sunak had the opportunity to do the right thing. But he once again chose to be ruled by his extremist backbenchers.” He may be in office, but his authority is minimal.

Angela Eagle, a Labour member of parliament, referred to the decision as “weak, weak, weak” – echoing Tony Blair’s criticism of John Major when he was prime minister.

Chris Bryant, chairman of the Labour Party’s parliamentary standards committee, tweeted, “This is extraordinary and shows neither professionalism nor integrity.”

After Boris Johnson and Liz Truss scandals, Mr. Sunak promised “integrity, professionalism, and accountability” in his administration.

Ms. Braverman has evaded prosecution, but the prime minister has launched investigations into Nadhim Zahawi and Dominic Raab. Who respectively lost their positions as party chair and justice secretary.

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