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Peter Lawson: Nicola Bulley police chief dies at 50

  • Lancashire police leader dies unexpectedly
  • Assistant Chief Constable Peter Lawson
  • Played role in Nicola Bulley’s case

Earlier this year, Lancashire Constabulary Assistant Chief Constable Peter Lawson attended press conferences concerning the search for Ms. Bulley.

A police superintendent who earlier this year assumed a prominent role in the search for Nicola Bulley passed away unexpectedly at his residence.

According to the force, Assistant Chief Constable Peter Lawson of the Lancashire Constabulary passed away on Sunday at the age of fifty.

The coroner has been notified regarding his perceived “medical-related” demise.

Lancashire Constabulary honored Mr. Lawson in a statement, describing him as an “exceptional officer who proudly served the communities of Lancashire.”

Mr. Lawson commenced his professional life in Preston before assuming diverse uniformed responsibilities throughout the county, ultimately attaining the esteemed position of assistant chief constable.

He was present at press conferences throughout the search for Ms. Bulley, who vanished earlier this year after leaving off her two daughters at school in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire.

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On 19 February, her remains were discovered in the River Wyre, approximately one mile from the location where she went missing with her companion on 27 January.

The force’s management of the investigation and the revelation of Ms. Bulley’s private information drew criticism.

Mr. Lawson also testified in the investigation into the 2017 terror attack at the Manchester Arena.

Chris Rowley, the chief constable of Lancashire, remarked, “This is incredibly tragic and sorrowful news. During this time of sorrow, my thoughts and prayers are with Pete’s entire family and acquaintances.

“The demise of Pete will profoundly affect the entire force and the police family throughout the nation. He proudly served the communities of Lancashire as an exceptional officer.

Furthermore, he garnered immense admiration and respect from everyone who knew and collaborated with him.

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