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“Get it all out now” on tax matters, suggested Zahawi.

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, a former leader of the Conservative Party, has stated that after settling with HMRC, Nadhim Zahawi should reveal “the absolute facts” regarding his tax troubles.

Mr. Zahawi, the leader of the Conservative party, is under increasing pressure over allegations that he evaded taxes and had to pay them back.

Saturday, the ex-chancellor said that he had paid a settlement and that HMRC had agreed that it was a “careless” mistake.

Labour stated that the incident had “eroded public trust.”

Sir Iain was asked on Sunday by Laura Kuenssberg if it would be preferable for Mr. Zahawi to release all information regarding his tax troubles. In response, he stated, “the sooner you can get the absolute facts out, the better.”

He stated that he would advise Mr. Zahawi to “get everything out now. No matter what it takes, and clear the air.”

"Get it all out now" on tax matters, suggested Zahawi.

However, he supported Mr. Zahawi by stating that he “genuinely” did not believe that he was “deceitful.”

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly stated that it was up to Mr. Zahawi to decide “how much information to make public.”

According to the Guardian, Mr. Zahawi was required to pay £4.8 million in overdue taxes plus a 30% penalty.

When queried about the fine by the newspaper, Mr. Zahawi’s spokesperson did not deny that one had been paid.

This weekend, Mr. Zahawi released a statement in which he addressed “confusion regarding my finances.”

He did not specify if he paid a penalty as part of his settlement or how much he paid to HMRC.

Mr. Zahawi stated that when he was being considered for the position of chancellor. Issues were raised regarding his tax affairs, and he handled the matter with the Cabinet Office.

The tax issue was settled while Mr. Zahawi was chancellor, according to an assistant to him.

Deafening Silence

On Sunday, the foreign secretary was questioned over his knowledge of Mr. Zahawi’s tax status.

He stated that he did not know if Mr. Zahawi had settled with HMRC during his time as chancellor, if he had paid a penalty as part of a settlement, or if the matter had been discussed with the prime minister.

Angela Rayner, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, demanded that Rishi Sunak “come clean on what he knew and when” regarding Mr. Zahawi’s tax troubles.

Ms. Rayner described the situation as “corrosive to public trust,” given that the chancellor in charge of the nation’s finances had failed to pay his taxes.

She said that it was the obligation of the prime minister to “decontaminate his scandal-tainted cabinet by detailing the efforts he has taken to guarantee all ministers’ tax affairs are in order.”

“Get it all out now” on tax matters

Labour’s shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves told¬†that she “would be happy” to release her tax returns “if that was necessary.”

In a statement released on Saturday afternoon, Mr. Zahawi stated, “As a senior politician, I recognize the importance of transparency and decorum in public life.

“I co-founded the corporation YouGov twenty-two years ago. I am immensely proud of our accomplishments. It is a remarkable company that employs thousands of people and provides unparalleled service.

“When we established it, I lacked the funds and knowledge to do it on my own. So I begged my father for assistance. In exchange for funding and his important assistance, he received founder shares in the corporation.

“When I was named chancellor of the exchequer twenty-one years later, doubts were raised regarding my tax affairs. At the time, I discussed this with the Cabinet Office.

“After conversations with HMRC, they agreed that my father was entitled to YouGov founding shares. But they differed on the precise allotment. They decided that this was a “non-intentional and careless” error.

“To focus on my career as a public servant, I elected to settle the dispute and pay what they demanded. Which was the proper course of action.”

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