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Dominic Raab will resign as MP at the next election.

Former deputy prime minister Dominic Raab will not seek re-election in the upcoming election.

His decision, which was first reported by The Telegraph, comes a month after he resigned as a minister following an abuse investigation that concluded he had intimidated officials.

Mr. Raab is quoted as being concerned about “the strain this job has placed on my young family.”

Dominic Raab will resign as MP at the next election.

Mr. and Mrs. Raab have two sons, ages 10 and 8.

Since his 2010 election to the House of Representatives, Mr. Raab has held numerous ministerial positions.

He was appointed Brexit secretary by Theresa May in 2018, but he quit six months later over her Brexit agreement.

Boris Johnson appointed him foreign secretary and first secretary of state. The latter position left him in command of the country when Mr. Johnson was hospitalized in April 2020 with Covid.

Last summer, Mr. Raab supported Conservative leader Rishi Sunak.

Prime Minister Sunak named Mr. Raab justice secretary and vice prime minister.

Mr. Raab confirmed that he would not seek re-election as the Member of Parliament for the constituency of Esher and Walton, which he has represented since 2010 and won with a 2,744-vote majority in 2019.

In a letter to his constituents, seen by the Telegraph, Mr. Raab stated that it had been a “huge honor to represent the Conservatives in this fantastic constituency since 2010.”

His departure from the House of Representatives requires the Conservatives to select a new candidate for the Surrey constituency.

The Liberal Democrats, who are vying for his seat in the upcoming election, urged him to “do the decent and honest thing” and resign immediately, thereby triggering a by-election.

Daisy Cooper, the party’s deputy leader, stated, “The people of Esher and Walton deserve better than a member of parliament who has been found guilty of bullying and has now resigned.”

Conservative departures

Mr. Raab joins an increasing number of senior Conservatives who have decided not to run in the 2024 general election.

Former ministers, such as Sajid Javid and George Eustice, have also declared their intent to quit the House of Commons.

53 MPs from various parties have declared their intention to step down at the next election.

When allegations of intimidation by civil servants prompted an investigation into the conduct of the member of parliament. Mr. Raab was the subject of months of rumors.

Senior counsel Adam Tolley KC found “abuse or misuse of power” by Mr. Raab as foreign secretary.

Mr. Raab resigned as a result of the findings. But he noted in his resignation letter that the investigation “dismissed all but two of the allegations made against me.”

He added that the inquiry was “flawed and sets a dangerous precedent” and would “encourage frivolous complaints against ministers and chill those driving change on behalf of your government – and ultimately the British people”.

Angela Richardson, a fellow Conservative MP, responded to his resignation by tweeting, “His constituents will mourn his dedication. I am however pleased for his young family. This position is difficult enough on family life for an ordinary backbencher, let alone a Cabinet member.”


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