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Millions advised to book flu jab online for NHS relief.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - 2022/04/01: A NHS vaccinator, administers the Pfizer COVID-19 second booster jab (fourth dose) to a woman, at a vaccination centre in London. Older adults have been invited for a fourth Covid-19 dose as part of the spring Covid-19 booster campaign. The campaign is being rolled out as immunity from vaccination declines over time, and according to the Office for National Statistics a record 4.9million people in the UK had COVID-19 in week to 26 March. (Photo by Dinendra Haria/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
  • Millions encouraged to book online flu jabs.
  • Accelerated vaccination due to new Covid variant.
  • Eligibility and booking options available.

Starting Monday, millions will be urged to book flu vaccinations online, aiming to ease the strain on the NHS this winter.

In response to the new Covid variant, NHS officials sped up the vaccination drive a month ago.

Since its launch on September 11, 3.7 million have received flu shots, with many opting for both flu and Covid vaccines.

During the same period, 2.4 million Covid shots were administered. Last winter, the NHS faced a high number of hospitalized respiratory illness patients.

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Concerns linger that hospitals may struggle this winter amid ongoing industrial action.

Eligible for flu vaccines this year are individuals aged 65+, those 6 months to under 65 with clinical risk, pregnant women, children aged 2 or 3, school-aged children, long-stay care home residents, carers, and close contacts of immunocompromised persons.

Qualifying individuals can schedule appointments through the NHS website, the NHS app, or by calling 119, starting at 8 a.m.

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