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Greater Manchester Police donate fakes to charity

A police department has contributed clothing seized from counterfeit stores to charity.

The items were seized during Greater Manchester Police’s (GMP) Operation Vulcan, an initiative to eradicate the trade of counterfeit products in the region.

After being debranded, a portion of the apparel has been donated to charitable and community organizations.

Unsuitable materials have been shredded to produce new products, including bedding.

Since Operation Vulcan’s debut in August 2022, law enforcement officers have executed countless raids targeting counterfeit shops.

The force reported that nearly one thousand tonnes of counterfeit goods had been repurposed or recycled in collaboration with a specialized company.

According to Inspector Dan Cullum, Operation Vulcan, centered on the community and its needs, has enabled the recycling and repurposing items for those in need.

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The team has donated hundreds of articles of clothing to the Mustard Tree. This charity is based in Manchester and combats inequality, poverty, and homelessness.

Harry Dwan, representing the charity, expressed gratitude for the contribution and stated that it will be allocated to those in greatest need, including homeless individuals, low-income families, and the community’s most vulnerable members.

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