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Five arrested after climbing Rishi Sunak’s North Yorkshire roof.

  • Greenpeace Activists Protest UK Prime Minister’s Support for North Sea Oil
  • Climbers Scale PM’s Residence to Protest Oil Extraction, Arrests Made
  • Government Defends Oil Drilling Strategy Amid Activist Demonstration

This morning, Number 10 stated that it would not repent for its approach to “energy security”; Greenpeace stated that its protest was against the prime minister’s support for North Sea oil extraction.

Five individuals were detained after Greenpeace activists climbed onto the roof of the prime minister’s residence and covered it with oil-stained material.

Four activists used ladders and climbing harnesses to reach the manor house’s roof in Kirby Sigston, North Yorkshire, before unveiling the 200-square-meter piece of fabric.

A fifth protester, who did not mount the roof, was arrested for public annoyance.

Mr. Sunak is on vacation in California and therefore was not present at the mansion in his district this morning.

As four protestors stayed on top of the building for three hours, police said they were “managing the situation”.cs.”

They began their descent at approximately 12.30 p.m. and were waiting for one another on the extension’s roof.

Once they were incapacitated, the activists were seen being led away from the residence by police officers.

While the four protestors were on the roof, two Greenpeace activists unfurled a banner in front of the property that read “Rishi Sunak – Oil Profits or Our Future?”

Greenpeace was protesting the prime minister’s “backing for a major expansion of North Sea oil and gas drilling” by granting 100 new licenses off the coast of Scotland.

After it was discovered that the activists were on the roof, a Number 10 source said, “We make no apologies for taking the right approach to ensure our energy security, using the resources we have here at home so that we are never dependent on aggressors like Vladimir Putin for our energy.” In addition to investing in renewables, our strategy supports tens of thousands of British employment.”

Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden, who is filling in for Mr. Sunak while he is on vacation, has defended the government’s decision to allow more oil and gas drilling, arguing that they are essential to our “energy mix.”

Alex Wilson, one of the roof-climbing activists, released a video message from Mr. Sunak’s residence.

She stated, “We are all here because Rishi Sunak has opened the door to a new drilling frenzy in the North Sea, at a time when significant portions of our planet are literally on fire. This will be disastrous for the environment.”

Before protesting, Greenpeace made sure the prime minister’s family was on holiday, said Philip Evans.

He said the group knocked on the door and said, “This is a peaceful protest,” but got no response.

Mr. Evans added, “Rishi Sunak’s administration was the worst climate administration we’ve ever had.”

Mr. Evans stated, “Our prime minister must be a climate leader, not a climate arsonist.”

“He knows it’s incorrect, but Sunak still thinks more oil and gas will lower energy bills. Oil titans will profit billions from more North Sea drilling thanks to Sunak’s windfall tax loophole.”

“Greenpeace typically has a ground team with a press team, and the activists are normally trained climbers,” he explained.

“They are not simply a group of protesters who don hard hats and ascend.

These climbers will be very professional. They will be accustomed to the environment and will remain for as long as they intend.


During a visit to Able Seaton Port in Hartlepool, Mr. Dowden commented on the protest, stating, “I believe what the majority of people would say is ‘Can you cease the stupid stunts?’ However, what they want to see from the government is action.

“Today, you are witnessing the construction of the world’s largest offshore wind farm, which is creating employment.

“At the same time, we will need oil and gas as part of our energy mix in the future decades.

“Do we produce it domestically, where we receive more tax income and create more jobs. Or do we stop investing in North Sea oil and gas, as Labour and others suggest?”

Alicia Kearns, the senior Conservative who heads the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons, deemed the protest “unacceptable.”

She stated, “Politicians reside in the public eye and are subject to justified scrutiny. But their family homes should not be attacked.

Soon, police will need to be stationed outside the homes of every member of Congress.

Alex Burghart, a government minister, referred to the activists as “plonkers”

Brendan Clarke-Smith, a conservative backbencher, stated: “MPs and their families have enough security concerns without extremist groups and their spoiled activists pulling stunts like this at their homes to promote their unrealistic, extravagant demands and student union-level politics.”

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