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Dog attack in Belvedere gravely injures woman

  • Dog attacks, injures woman
  • Police use Taser, dog dies
  • Investigations ongoing, breed unknown

The Metropolitan Police stated that it was dispatched in response to reports that a dog had attacked a woman inside a residence, injuring a man as well. Since then, the animal has passed away after police tasered it.

A dog attack has resulted in the critical injury of a woman.

Additionally, a man was rendered minorly injured in the course of the Monday morning incident in Belvedere, southeast London.

The dog, on which police used a defibrillator, has since passed away.

The Metropolitan Police stated in a statement that at 8:55 a.m., it received communication regarding a woman who had been attacked by a dog inside a residence on Bedwell Road.

The woman was transported to the hospital by emergency services, where she is currently listed in critical condition.

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A hospital was also consulted for the injured man.

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police stated, “A Taser was discharged by officers who confined the dog in a separate room after it sustained injuries during the attack. It has passed away since then.

Investigations into the situation persist.

The dog’s specific breed has yet to be determined.

Two individuals were airlifted to the hospital on Friday in North Wales with critical injuries following a dog attack; two others sustained minor injuries.

Although the breed of the aggressor has not been disclosed, the dog was destroyed.

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