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An extensive fire breaks out in a Reading high-rise

  • Construction site fire rescue
  • Evacuation, road closures
  • Two treated for smoke

Social media videos depict the fire in the heart of the city at what appears to be a construction site, with a worker being hoisted to safety by a crane in a cage from the roof.

The crane operator who rescued a Reading guy from a burning structure responded quickly as a major fire broke out.

A construction site fire is captured on video, involving a worker who is confined to the roof and is enveloped by dense black smoke and flames in the town centre.

A white cage is dropped towards the person, who enters and rapidly closes an opening before being hoisted away.

Crowds can be seen on the ground gasping in terror as firefighters battle the blaze.

Two individuals were transported to the hospital on Thursday morning for treatment of smoke inhalation subsequent to the catastrophic fire that broke out at the Station Hill development site in the Berkshire town.

Redwood Consulting reported that the site has been evacuated on behalf of Station Hill.

A statement read, “We immediately activated our fire emergency plans, and the emergency services have been notified and are currently on the scene.”

“As the prevention of harm to individuals present and the general public is of the utmost importance, the site has been evacuated.”

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When additional information becomes available, we will promptly furnish an update.

Emergency Services’ Response

Additionally, several routes have been closed in the vicinity.

At 11:38 a.m., the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service were notified of a fire incident near Napier Road.

It stated, “Several of our personnel are on location at this time.

While emergency personnel are on scene, residents and workers should close all windows and doors and avoid the area.

Medical Response and Road Closures

A South Central Ambulance Service spokesperson stated that two individuals were transported to the Royal Berkshire Hospital for additional evaluation and treatment of smoke inhalation. Both were not considered “severe cases,” they reported.

They noted that the fire service is ready to help (as usual at height and scale).

An ambulance, the Thames Valley Air Ambulance critical care car, and our Hazardous Area Response Team are present at the location. Additionally, an operational commander, a tactical adviser, and a tactical commander are also present.

Officers from Thames Valley Police have also been dispatched to the location. Road closures have been implemented between the Forbury roundabout and Forbury Road, Friar Street, and Friar West.

The force continued, “We are making efforts to grant residents access to hotels and other establishments unaffected by the fire.”

If you reside in the vicinity, kindly remain indoors and ensure that all windows are closed.

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