Drop all accusations

Drop all accusations against the CUNY 22!

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On the evening of April 26, Mumia Abu-Jamal visited the City University of New York (CUNY) Gaza Solidarity Encampment. CUNY students and workers, as well as our Harlem neighbours, gathered around the flagpole in the centre of the campsite to hear Mumia speak in solidarity with the protesting students, the people of Gaza, and the thousands of political prisoners held captive in Israeli prisons. Mumia had spent his 70th birthday two days before in Pennsylvania's Mahanoy prison, where he is serving a death sentence for more than 40 years. Mumia, like many of his Black Panther Party comrades, including Sekou Odinga, Jalil Muntaqim, and Herman Bell, has spent decades in prison as a result of political persecution.

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