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The greatest hole between derby rivals who once played in a similar division

Nottingham’s best last played each other in the association in 1993-94, in what is presently the Championship. Assuming that Forest are advanced and County stay in the National League, there will be four levels between the sides. Yet, there is a much speedier model, though it isn’t exactly as extraordinary to include a nearby contention that.

“Sheffield United and Chesterfield played in League One out of 2016-17,” composes David Taylor. “Toward the finish of 2019-20 United were 10th in the Premier League, Chesterfield twentieth in the National League.”

Bernd Wilms can see those four levels and raise them. “There is no less than one six-level distinction in Germany: Freiburg,” he composes. “From 1978 to 1982, Freiburger FC (the generally bigger club) and SC Freiburg both played in the 2 Bundesliga. By 2009, FFC had tumbled to the seventh-level Landesliga and SCF had arrived at the Bundesliga.”

There are a lot of other five-level contrasts in Germany, which Bernd has likewise featured. FC Köln and Fortuna Köln; Hertha Berlin and Tennis Borussia; and VfL Bochum and Wattenscheid 09. “In any case, this is simply including rivals that were in the Bundesliga or 2 Bundesliga together,” he adds. “Assuming you take a gander at a portion of the groups that Hertha BSC, 1860 München or MSV Duisburg played during their 1980s spells in the (then, at that point, third level) Oberliga, you could likely get considerably greater swings today.”

Discussing Duisburg and the Oberliga. “I can offer neighborhood rivals MSV Duisburg and Sportfreunde Hamborn 07,” offers Bernd Jatzwauk. “They played each other in the Oberliga Nordrhein toward the finish of the 1980s. MSV proceeded to get advancement to the Bundesliga, and played there, for instance, in 1997-98, while Hamborn carried out their specialty as low as the Landesliga Niederrhein, then the seventh level of German football.”

There has likewise been a six-level inlet in English football, including one of the more suggestively named contentions. “Could I at any point present the Wool City derby?” presents James Mackenzie. “Bradford City and Bradford (Park Avenue) first played in the first class in 1914. When City were in the Premier League, BPA were in the Northern Premier League, or level seven.”

Yet, these fail to measure up to the gap that once existed in the BB1 postcode region. “Nearby adversaries Darwen and Blackburn Rovers were both in the old First Division in the 1893-94 season,” makes sense of Alun Thomas. “Darwen collapsed toward the finish of the 2008-09 season when they were in the North West Counties League Division 1 (level 10) and Blackburn were in the Premier League.”

They have for sure, and it includes one of the more noteworthy departures of the pre-Premier League time. “In 1984-85, Coventry played four games after the booked last day, and expected to win the last three to get away from transfer from the old First Division,” sends Richard Askham. “They did as such, consigning Norwich, who’d finished their apparatuses when Coventry actually had three to play. It was occasions like this – and a notorious game among Coventry and Bristol City in 1976-77 – that ultimately provoked the associations to play the last matches of the time simultaneously.”

Installation blockage comes from deferments, which makes specific regions of the planet more helpless than others. “The Scottish winter will in general play destruction with Highland League apparatuses, leaving a ton of cleaning up to do toward the finish of the time,” composes Jen Turner. “An outrageous model came in 2017-18, when Buckie Thistle, Clauchnacuddin and Inverurie Loco Works were the main clubs to complete their missions on time, so, all in all Brora Rangers and Fort William each had five games close by.”

At last, this is a belting piece of random data from John Shirley. “In 1978-79 (Division 3) Mansfield played five home games after the season-end date of 5 May,” composes John. “The games were on the 7, 11, 14, 19 and 21 May. Four clubs completed their apparatuses on 5 May.”

“Wakefield AFC play at the 7,000-limit Millennium Stadium, home of Featherstone Rovers,” composes Kevin Story. “They are at level 11 in the Sheffield and Hallamshire League, however seem as though they’ll be advanced.”

Likewise with the current week’s most memorable inquiry, Bernd Wilms is working on this issue. “Germany’s 3 Liga was a mother lode for these (and has been for quite a while) as somewhat severe ground authorizing guidelines meet with generally poor advanced clubs. This season gave us:

Türkgücü München playing home apparatuses at the Olympic Stadium (limit 60,000), normal entryway 1,376, most minimal door 388 v Zwickau

TSV Havelse playing home apparatuses at the HDI Arena in Hannover (limit 49,000), normal entryway 1,136, most minimal door 210 v Freiburg II

Freiburg II playing at the Dreisamstadion (limit 24,000) – they for the most part drew north of 1,000 when not limit confined because of Covid.

Christian Schmidt features 1 FC Nürnberg, as of now in the 2 Bundesliga, who play in the Max-Morlock-Stadium – which has a limit of 50,000. “Truth be told, out of the 16 greatest German football arenas, five have groups in the subsequent level and two in the third,” composes Christian. “What’s more, the seventeenth greatest is Vestische in Gladbeck, limit 37,000. That is greater than around 50% of the ongoing Bundesliga arenas. However it has never had an expert group. The host group (SV Zweckel) are presently in the eighth level, and in intense peril of dropping into the 10th.”

From Germany to Italy, and one of David Platt’s old torment. “Bari’s San Nicola arena was worked for Italia 90,” composes Jake Barnes, “and with a limit of more than 58,000 is the third-greatest football arena in Italy – behind just San Siro in Milan and the Olimpico in Rome. In 2018 Bari were downgraded from Serie B to Serie D, Group I for ‘monetary issues’. That implied they were in many cases playing local groups, some from towns with a populace that is multiple times less than the limit of San Nicola. Attendances found the middle value of 10,000, significance there were routinely around 50,000 void seats. It’s been an excruciating ride, and I know from direct insight – I am a Bari season-ticket holder.”

Ian King wasn’t a season-ticket holder for Thames AFC during the 1930s, however he knows a ton about them. “Momentarily association individuals in the mid 1930s, they played at the West Ham Stadium in Custom House, which held 120,000 individuals,” he composes. “In December 1930, they set a record-low association participation of 469 for a game against Luton Town.” That’s what good karma beating.

Both Arsenal and Portsmouth visited Brazil for a progression of friendlies in 1951 and between them dealt with something like several triumphs in around 10 games. As well as Fluminense, they confronted Botafogo, Sao Paulo, Palmeiras and Vasco de Gama. Clearly, on getting back to England, Arsenal sent a letter to Fluminense giving recognition to “the group who plays the best football in Brazil”.

“Aleksandar Mitrovic’s objective count in the Championship this season is 43 yet I wonder which player has scored most objectives generally speaking in football’s subsequent levels?” ponders Bogdan Kotarlic.

“I’ve recently seen that Scott Arfield of Rangers has shown up for four distinct clubs (Falkirk, Huddersfield, Burnley, Rangers). Is this a record, or has somebody done this with five?” contemplates Jesse Pajwani.

“Burnley v Aston Villa had two English directors confronting each other, which is somewhat interesting in the Premier League nowadays. However, seriously intriguing, they were two scouse directors. When did that last occur?” composes Dom Parry.


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