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Red Bull announce Adrian Newey’s departure as Ferrari awaits

  • Adrian Newey, renowned F1 car designer, to leave Red Bull
  • Speculation arises over potential move to Ferrari with Hamilton
  • Departure could impact Red Bull’s future, Verstappen’s status uncertain

Adrian Newey, the preeminent Formula One car designer of the modern era, is set to depart Red Bull in early 2025. This development could pave the way for a potential transfer to Ferrari, where he could join Lewis Hamilton, the seven-time champion when he departs Mercedes to compete in the Scuderia the following season. 

Wednesday, Red Bull announced that the 65-year-old would be leaving the team after nearly two decades. Since his arrival one year following the team’s formation in 2006, Newey has contributed to their remarkable run of success. For Red Bull, his automobile designs have been credited with seven driver championships and six constructor championships. 

His departure is a severe setback for the team, as Newey’s skills are in high demand throughout the paddock. A transfer to satisfy his ambition of working for both Hamilton and Ferrari is presumed to be his ultimate goal. 

Newey disclosed last year that despite his phenomenally successful career, which included winning five drivers’ championships with Williams in the early 1990s and two with McLaren later that decade, he remained interested in collaborating with Ferrari and Lewis Hamilton. 

Ferrari is eager to acquire the British national after presenting him with their highest offer of the year. The consideration of money would not impede convincing him to join Maranello, according to the team principal, Fred Vasseur, who is believed to have had conversations with Newey. 

Red bull
Red bull announce adrian newey's departure as ferrari awaits

It was previously believed that Newey’s contract included a gardening leave provision that would have barred him from joining another team for an additional year. However, this stipulation appears to have been removed, as the “first quarter of 2025” has found Newey unattached, per Red Bull. 

It implies he intends to remain in Formula One (F1) as opposed to retiring. Starting a fresh professional journey with Ferrari in 2025 would allow him to lead the way in the development of their vehicles in preparation for the 2026 regulations. 

Although Red Bull believes it is in a strong position to proceed without Newey, who will continue to work on its hypercar project, the RB17, and attend some F1 meetings, the decision will have a significant impact on the company. A new contractual agreement was recently reached with Pierre Waché, the technical director, who has also played a pivotal role in the design of their automobiles. 

Although Newey’s departure may also impact the standing of Max Verstappen, the reigning world champion. The Dutchman’s future at Red Bull is uncertain in light of the controversy that has engulfed the team this season, and the departure of the designer who has been indispensable to their achievements will likely prompt him to reconsider his position. 

According to reports, Newey was troubled by the events that have plagued Red Bull this year, following the investigation of team principal Christian Horner by Red Bull GmbH, the parent company of Red Bull, in which an employee leveled accusations of authoritarian and coercive conduct against Horner, whom Horner refutes. 

The claims were denied after an autonomous inquiry; the claimant filed an appeal against this decision. According to reports, Newey’s departure was influenced by the discord that has since enveloped the team and is believed to have been caused by a power struggle between Horner and elements of Red Bull GmbH following the demise of the company’s co-founder Dietrich Mateschitz. 

However, Newey has not provided any explicit remarks regarding the motives behind his departure. “It has been an immense privilege to have been instrumental in Red Bull Racing’s transformation from an upstart rookie to a multi-championship-winning squad for nearly two decades,” he said. “However, I believe the present moment is favorable to relinquish that responsibility to others and pursue fresh challenges for myself.”

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