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Louis Rees-Zammit’s sudden flight from Wales for NFL is risky

  • Rees-Zammit considers NFL opportunity
  • Potential impact on Welsh rugby
  • Symbolic shift in sports

That makes you 22 years old. You have always had a passion for American football and have recently received an invitation to travel to Florida to assess your potential for success in the megabucks NFL. There are no guarantees, but a substantial amount of money is at stake if the code can be cracked. Do you respond with “Yes, please”? Alternatively, “We’re playing Castres in the Challenge Cup on Friday. I’m truly sorry.”

During the darkest days of January, one can immediately discern why the pinnacle of the American ideal might be so alluring: sweet if I am satisfactory; if not, at least I attempted it during my athletic prime. As LRZ explicitly stated in his hurriedly composed farewell memorandum, such a transformative opportunity is rarely presented.

Rees-Zammit’s Impact on Fans

On the one hand, I wish him the best of success. Conversely, he has just dashed the optimistic hopes of tens of thousands of Welsh supporters. In particular, those who would amputate their right arm to represent their nation for a single Six Nations match in front of a crowded Principality Stadium. The verdant turf at home and the exhilarating ambiance of the pre-match anthems have ended. These days, everything revolves around your brand, bois bach.

Perhaps it is hopelessly old-fashioned or naive to be disheartened that the most exciting Welsh back of his era gave up on something so special so quickly; the message from the United States did not arrive until last Sunday night, so he has not been preoccupied with it for weeks. Someone else could have also cautioned him against the negative consequences of the abrupt timing and lack of advance notice. If the situation fails to resolve itself domestically, universal absolution may be granted after some time.

Rees-Zammit’s NFL Ambitions

However, Rees-Zammit has never been the type to await events to transpire passively. “Rees—Lightning” has demonstrated his aptitude by scoring 14 tries in 32 Tests for Wales. His self-confidence is the same. He stated to The Guardian in late 2021 that he virtually always backs himself against opponents. “In my opinion, the larger the opponent I am confronting, the less likely he is to move.”

Simply put, he must exert every ounce of his lightning-fast speed to be selected for an NFL club roster. Perhaps even faster off the mark, Christian Wade saw his aspirations ultimately dashed. It is admirable to aspire to a career as a kick return specialist or wide receiver, but thousands of gifted sprinters in the United States already possess an inherent advantage. Rees-Zammit’s participation in the NFL International Player Pathway program in Florida represents only the initial numerous challenges he will face, as the odds are heavily loaded against him.

Specific individuals may contend that the mere observation of him donning a pair of shoulder padding is advantageous for the international reputation of rugby in a country hosting the next-to-last World Cup in 2031. Further proponents will assert that each person is entitled to arrive at the decision that best suits them. It is not as though Welsh rugby is currently flush with cash or boasts an elite squad. It is possible that Rees-Zammit concluded that postponing this specific Welsh Six Nations campaign would be a manageable event after merely observing his surroundings.

Changing Landscape of Welsh Rugby

However, it is a sign of the times, both within rugby and in society at large. Despite the recent sincere tributes paid to the legendary JPR Williams, rugby in Wales has lost its former allure. In addition, it is a sport that requires an enormous amount of effort in exchange for a notably modest remuneration compared to American football. Commercially speaking, rugby is a mere blemish on the NFL’s substantial posterior, and Generation Z considers other sports to be more seductive.

Why would young-20s athletes be reluctant to experience life outside of Cardiff Arms Park and Kingsholm? Joe, the property developer father of Rees-Zammit, has a deep-seated passion for American football and believes the world is expansive. Should he return to rugby with greater wisdom, numerous teams in Great Britain, France, and Japan will gladly extend contract offers to a player who possesses the invaluable skill of causing seatbelts to fall off.

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Rees-Zammit’s Impact on Teams

Short-term, however, this only somewhat benefits Wales. Or, conceivably, the British and Irish Lions in Australia the following year. Because if he does return to compete in the 2025 Six Nations, Andy Farrell will have to be highly skeptical of Rees-Zammit to convince him that he merits a spot over more devoted, selfless team members.

Although this may appear to be a severe reality, it is simply a fact of existence. While occasionally regarded as a less intense activity than professional gridiron, Rugby Union possesses 143 years of Test match history woven into the red garment that Rees-Zammit has irresponsibly discarded. His prerogative is to travel to Florida to pursue his dreams, but doing so would be an enormous risk. A fortnight from Saturday, when Wales’s players sing Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau before the Scotland match in Cardiff, they may avoid badge-clutching.

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