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Greenness of my ground? Edgbaston leads against the odds

  • Sports eco-initiatives: Reducing carbon.
  • Edgbaston leads sustainability.
  • Positive feedback, crucial changes.

Intrigued by degassing appliances and eco-friendly coach travel? For the duration of a World Cup match in which England’s middle order collapses, without further ado. The topic garnered significant attention during the British Association for Sustainable Sport (BASIS) Awards, which were convened at the All England Club in early November of this year.

Tackling Carbon Emissions in Sports Facilities

In the pursuit of reducing carbon emissions, sports organizations scrutinize every aspect, including the facilities. Wimbledon and Lord’s are currently in the preliminary phases of implementing this transition, which entails numerous adjustments to replace gas with electricity.

“We are considering the big picture,” said Stuart Dunlop, manager of sustainability and accessibility for the MCC. “Our intention is to modify the hot water supply, cooking, and heating systems.” In order to achieve a “net zero” kitchen, we are considering ventilation, air conditioning, LED lighting, repurposing obsolete equipment, recycling, and composting, among other things. I would classify these as components that complement the cooking appliances themselves.

He was, nevertheless, eager to reassure that the aforementioned would not affect the caliber of the renowned Lord’s lunch. The entirety of the procedure constitutes a critical component of the Lord’s decarbonization initiative, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality on energy by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2040.

Edgbaston Triumphs at BASIS Sustainability Awards

However, the primary cricketing victor at the BASIS sustainability awards was Edgbaston, not Lord’s. The club and National Express were named partners of the year and were nominated for two of the six awards; the Go Green game between England and New Zealand earned them team of the year and partnership of the year.

The Go Green Game and Sustainable Practices

The Go Green Game, a Twenty20 tournament that took place in early September, had the dual objectives of reducing emissions for the game and increasing spectator awareness of the climate crisis and their potential contributions. Red meat was not served at the venue, electric rollers and mowers were utilized, food packaging was made from seaweed, and the ground was solely fueled by wind, hydro, and solar energy. However, the most remarkable endeavor was the pivotal collaboration between the organization and National Express.

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Edgbaston, in contrast to the Oval, Old Trafford, and Lord’s, does not have a tube or tram line. As a result, 79% of match-day emissions are attributable to spectator and staff travel, which is a challenge for many sports clubs endeavoring to reduce their environmental impact. Changing human behavior is notoriously difficult due to the fact that individuals are hardwired for convenience, and patterns are deeply ingrained.

Sustainability manager for Edgbaston Lydia Carrington states, We may have a tram stop by 2040, but we cannot wait for infrastructure to come to us.

Effectively informing spectators that they possess the capacity to exert substantial influence is possible.

Already in collaboration with the club, National Express provided a shuttle transport service between Birmingham New Street and the stadium for Twenty20, Hundred, and international matches. Adult return tickets typically cost £5. However, for the Go Green game, a complimentary shuttle service was available to spectators who presented their match-day tickets. Free transport was also available for spectators on any of Birmingham’s public buses.

In anticipation of increased demand for public transport, the club reduced the number of parking spaces at Edgbaston from 600-1,000 to 150.

As a result, eight additional buses operated nonstop between the two venues, in comparison to the busiest day of the Ashes. A cumulative of 3,617 individuals boarded the shuttle bus, representing a 13.4% surge on the busiest day of the Ashes. An additional 1,000 individuals opted for the complimentary public bus alternative. Additionally, many employees car-shared.

“Other organizations might have given up and deemed the problem insurmountable on account of infrastructure limitations,” says BASIS general manager Dom Jordan. “However, Edgbaston undertook a sequence of collaborative initiatives and projects in order to surmount the obstacle.”

Carrington was ecstatic. “Changing this significantly contributes to our scope three emissions [indirect emissions not including purchased electricity, heat, and steam, such as travel, waste, and investments; purchased products and services; and purchased heat and steam]; it is an extremely difficult thing to alter. It is an enormous matter that requires our attention. Numerous individuals opt for automobile transportation due to its convenience. Acknowledging the necessity for collaboration with travel providers, it is crucial to ensure an adequate supply of services that offer comparable levels of ease. For instance, ensuring that there are sufficient trains returning home after an evening Twenty20 match. A considerable portion of it is due to habit, and individuals are oblivious to the profound influence that seemingly insignificant actions can exert.

Net Zero Now has not yet disclosed the conclusive data regarding the quantity of carbon conserved.

However, estimates suggest that Real Betis saved 911 tonnes of CO2 with a comparable public transport initiative implemented on the day of their match against Athletic Bilbao.

Both staff and supporters have given crucial positive feedback, which is vital for Edgbaston as it plans various initiatives for the upcoming season. Effective communication plays a crucial role in this process by endeavoring to inform spectators of the rationale behind the club’s modifications and the ways in which they can contribute. This may involve promoting the use of vegetarian options, encouraging personnel in hospitality to select appropriate meals, or directing them to dispose of their trash in the appropriate recycling bin.

It is an essential and admirable journey, but it is not simple. Similar to the contentious agreement between Lord’s and JP Morgan, Drax, one of Edgbaston’s partners, is currently embroiled in an energy regulator investigation concerning the sustainability of the biomass utilized at its power plant. Carrington, meanwhile, is awaiting her feasibility report regarding the installation of solar panels on the Hollies Stand, which would illuminate the noisiest area of English cricket.

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