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Throughout the city, animals have been spotted sprawling out on the ground to cool off during the record-breaking weather.

The San Francisco Bay area is experiencing a record-breaking heat wave, which is forcing squirrels to “sploot” to expel their body heat into the environment. This behavior is “freaking” people out.

According to SFGate, WildCare in San Rafael has received numerous calls concerning hot animals, including instances of squirrels “stretched flat.”

Squirrels use splooting to escape the heatwave that has gripped the Bay area and other parts of California, causing temperatures to surge above 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Throughout the city, animals have been spotted sprawling out on the ground to cool off during the record-breaking weather.

Officials advise avoiding the area, as squirrels are known to bite, but individuals who wish to assist can provide water in a plate-shaped dish to keep the animals hydrated.

Splooting is observed in a variety of animals, particularly dogs and cats with fur coats that trap body heat. The word is linked with Welsh corgis in particular.

Many Californians were previously ignorant of the term ‘splooting’ and believed the squirrels were ill or injured; however, officials are now informing the public that the creatures are simply expelling their body heat.

New York and Colorado, two additional U.S. states experiencing a heatwave this summer, have also observed splotching squirrels.

Authorities from each of the three states have issued statements advising locals to leave the splooting squirrels alone.

However, it is prudent to contact wildlife officials if the squirrel appears young or if it has fallen from a tree.

Throughout the city, animals have been spotted sprawling out on the ground to cool off during the record-breaking weather.

Alison Hermance of WildCare in San Rafael told SFGate that the facility has noticed an increase in “baby squirrels coming in with heat stroke” as well as “calls about overheated deer” and “birds lying on their sides, gasping from the heat.”

August temperatures in New York City hit 95 degrees Fahrenheit, causing squirrels to sploot.

The NYC Parks department tweeted on August 9: ‘Don’t panic if you see a squirrel in this position; it’s fine.

On hot days, squirrels lower their body temperature by splooting (stretching out) on cool surfaces. Occasionally, it is referred to as heat dumping.

During the winter months, squirrels will sploot to stay warm.

On September 6, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, requested all people to minimize their energy consumption during peak hours as the state prepared for a new historic high for the system’

PG&E reported that 6,557 customers in the Bay Area were without power, with the northern and southern suburbs of San Jose, Livermore, Danville, and portions of San Francisco being the hardest hit.

Approximately a third of the state’s power demand was met by solar power as of late Tuesday morning. This drop will occur overnight.

Residents were instructed to lower their thermostats to as low as 72 degrees before 4 p.m.

They were instructed to operate their washing machines, dishwashers, and electric automobiles.

They were also instructed to close shades and drapes to reduce the temperature.


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