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Study says attractive female looks make males more honest

  • Study: Attractive female faces influence male honesty, but not females
  • Male participants less likely to cheat with attractive woman image
  • Females less honest with attractive woman image, study suggests

According to one study, the presence of attractive female faces may influence males to exhibit more honest behavior.

Male participants in an experiment cheated less frequently when shown an image of an attractive woman, according to researchers.

Female participants, on the other hand, exhibited less honesty when confronted with an identical image.

A set of 110 dies and a questionnaire featuring an image of a woman were distributed to the participants.

Half were shown the visage of an attractive woman, while the other half were shown an ordinary citizen.

They were informed that contingent on the number they rolled on their dies, they would be required to return a portion of the money given to them by the woman in the photograph who was conducting the study.

Due to the researchers’ failure to inspect the die, the men could have fabricated their throws to receive a reduced refund by claiming they rolled a lower number. 3.14 was the mean roll for males presented with the lovely woman. The mean score for individuals who viewed the alternative image was 1.98.

Professor Zeev Shtudiner of Ariel University in Israel led the study. He stated, “If at all, men who rolled the die did not cheat when confronted with a highly attractive photograph.”

According to him, the findings are consistent with the beauty premium theory, which posits that attractive individuals are subject to favorable moral evaluations. As a result, the males under study exhibited a perceived trait of honesty.

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However, when investigating female behavior, the researchers discovered that participants were less candid when presented with an attractive woman.

It was hypothesized that this was because women were more likely to assess their value than others.

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