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Popularity matters beyond school! Daters prefer folks with many pals.

You may have been told as a child that popularity is not the be-all and end-all.

According to a new study, it appears to be advantageous when it comes to adult dating.

Researchers have observed that those seeking love are more likely to pursue a romantic relationship with someone well-liked by others.

More than 550-speed daters were asked to rate their romantic interest in the potential partners they met by a team from the University of California.

In the months after the event, they assessed the participants to determine if they dated any of the potential partners they had met and how their romantic feelings evolved.

Popularity matters beyond school! Daters prefer folks with many pals.
Popularity matters beyond school! Daters prefer folks with many pals.

The researchers discovered that first impressions have a tendency to persist, influencing whether individuals desire continued contact with possible love partners after the original meeting.

The analysis found that individuals were prone to pursue romantic relationships with both those they perceived to be popular and those with whom they were compatible.

Although we expected popularity to be a significant component of the study, we were surprised to find that a good first impression is also about compatibility, even when people are only starting to know one another.

In other words, having a unique connection with a potential companion can be just as significant as being popular when it comes to obtaining a second date.

The researchers wrote in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: ‘Because certain qualities signify mate value – such as attractiveness, fertility, and resource potential – they can be swiftly and unanimously judged in a first encounter and leave a lasting first impression.

Folks with many pals
Popularity matters beyond school! Daters prefer folks with many pals.

‘However, compatibility also plays a role in human pair bonding, as early hominids need long-term unions to effectively raise kids.

These studies suggest that romantic first impressions, particularly the popularity and compatibility components of those impressions, play a significant role in the early stages of relationship development.

Researchers from the University of Nicosia in Cyprus recently performed research to determine why more people than ever are opting to remain single.

It was shown that the top reasons are having more time for yourself, concentrating on your goals, and making your own decisions.

However, men rated ‘freedom to flirt’ higher, whilst women valued ‘no tension and arguments’ more.

The researchers explained, ‘Fights between couples may develop to physical violence to which women are more susceptible, which would urge them to avoid such situations by not being in an intimate relationship.’


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