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Five amazing technology scientists predict will be here by 2100

  • Future Companions: Digital humans, AI coexist.
  • Guided by Technology: AI mentors shape decisions.
  • Cities Below Ground: Subterranean transition.

Humans reside in subterranean communities in the year 2100 and depend on AI mentors for decision-making.

While the scenario sounds like the plot of a science fiction film, it could very well be our reality.

Ed Johnson, Co-Founder and CEO of PushFar, stated, “By the year 2100, technology will not merely intertwine with our lives; it will direct, mould, and mentor us.”

In what ways will technology alter the future world?

Listed below are five positive and evil events that will transpire by the midpoint of this century.

“Digital humans” will coexist with us

Humanoid robots and “digital friends” will coexist with humans, performing tasks such as surgery and merely providing companionship.

Companionship (digital peers) will be an integral part of daily life, and technology will have advanced to the point where it can fully support digital humans without the need for educators, supporters, or instruction (Rob Sims, co-founder and CEO of Sum Vivas).

Digital humans and robotic humanoids empowered by artificial intelligence will be an integral part of daily life. They will perform a wide range of tasks, from the mundane (such as doing the laundry or bringing out the trash) to the complex (such as performing complex brain surgery or advanced education).

“Society must evolve in tandem with technological progress to prevent ourselves from becoming an insular and self-absorbed race.”

Everything will be determined by AI “mentors,” including employment

Future individuals will be accompanied by AI “mentors” who make decisions for them. Including which employment to pursue, according to Ed Johnson, CEO and Co-Founder of PushFar.

Johnson continued, “Gone are the days of agonising over decisions of magnitude and minutiae.”

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“The AI mentors of the year 2100 utilise quantum computing to rapidly process an infinite number of possibilities.”

When challenged with an inquiry, they not only make predictions but also conduct analyses of possible trajectories, probabilities, and outcomes, providing advice based on the extensive domain of data that characterises our interdependent society.

“You are no longer required to deliberate on which job to accept; your AI mentor will complete the necessary research and provide you with all the necessary information to reach a definitive conclusion.”

“Register for an imminent journey into a technologically advanced future where the profound synergy between the human spirit and the silicon soul will determine its course.”

Urban areas will transition to underground levels

By 2100, space above ground will be at a premium. Therefore, machines will dig tunnels to subterranean a substantial portion of city infrastructure.

Surveyors will use augmented reality to map new living spaces and buildings underground, while robots excavate tunnels, according to robotics company HyperTunnel, which is at the forefront of developing new tunnel-making technologies.

“Millions of robots no longer than one metre will swarm in the same way that nature evolved over billions of years,” said Steve Jordan of HyperTunnel.

The behaviour will be enabled by digital pheromones generated by a central digital twin utilising emergent AI.

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