Technical expert advises against ‘obsolete’ iPhones: ‘Just chuck them away’

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  • Old iPhones Vulnerable to Cyberattacks
  • Models from 2008-2014 No Longer Supported
  • Experts Urge Upgrading to Modern Devices

If you possess an iPhone that is seven years or older, you may be susceptible to a cyberattack.

Security experts have cautioned that software updates that safeguard users from malware and other exploits are no longer available for smartphones manufactured between 2008 and 2014.

The iPhones that are not presently supported range from the original model to the 6 Plus; however, new models are added to the list on a nearly annual basis.

For instance, Apple declared that the most recent iPhone 15 family would be included in the obsolete list by 2030.

Additionally, Apple’s customer service website specifies that “service providers are prohibited from ordering parts for obsolete products.”

Jake Moore, the global cybersecurity advisor at software firm ESE, stated to Forbes that “Older iPhones remain in circulation and once a vulnerability is located, it can be rapidly exploited by attackers and directed at anyone with devices left unpatched.”

‘Despite the frustration of using iPhones that are out of patch warranty, individuals should consider upgrading to a more secure, modern device.’

Moore even advised users to dispose of the devices.

Once an iPhone has been discontinued by Apple for seven years, it is classified as “obsolete.”

The iPhone 6 Plus, which was introduced in 2014, was the most recent model to be included in the list in April.

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The iPhone 6 Plus, a relic from the past, will be difficult to repair if it breaks. This is because Apple has ceased production of parts for the smartphone, which has rendered the device obsolete.

Ten years ago, the iPhone 6 Plus was introduced for $300, which is a significant price difference from the $900 price of the most recent iPhone 15 Plus release.

Apple is preparing to release the iOS 18 update in the autumn, and the iPhone 6 Plus is becoming obsolete.

Models from the iPhone 3, iPhone 4, and iPhone 5 families are also included in the obsolete list.

In general, new updates encourage Apple users to upgrade from antiquated phones that are unable to support the software updates, which inadvertently exposes their data to cybercriminals.

Moore stated that hackers typically refrain from targeting older iPhone models because the majority of individuals possess a more recent version.

Nevertheless, an Apple expert informed that n250 million iOS users have not upgraded their iPhones in four years.

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