Don’t download iOS 18 beta, risk consequences

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  • Avoid iOS 18 beta to prevent issues
  • New features causing instability and bugs
  • iOS 18 beta testing revealing major flaws

All iPhone users have been advised to refrain from downloading Apple’s most recent update, as it poses a risk of disabling their smartphones or applications.

Since Monday, developers have been testing the iOS 18 beta, identifying issues related to the new ‘Lock and Hide an app’ feature, battery life, photos saving, and text notifications.

Although the beta version is intended for such trials, the majority of users are taking a risk by installing it as their primary software.

“One developer shared on X that iOS 18 will be buggy, may brick your iPhone, and certain apps may not work with it. People who wish to download it should be aware of these risks.”

“Please be advised that it is a beta version for a reason.”

Although the specifics may suggest that Apple’s software is defective, it is frequently riddled with defects before its release to the general public.

The new iOS 18 was unveiled at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) by Apple. This version includes AI-powered features, the ability to customize the Home Screen, schedule text messages, lock and hide applications, and more.

The updated operating system is available for installation by all users, and it will operate as a developer beta on smartphones.

Nevertheless, the version is intended for early developers who are instructed to identify software flaws that may result in iPhone instability.

These errors may impede the functionality of the application or, in the worst-case scenario, cause the device to malfunction.

Developer John William Archer discovered that his iPhone 12 Pro Max would automatically reboot when he departed the Lock Screen.

Another flaw was discovered in the new Lock and Hide app feature, which has the potential to render applications “invisible” or only accessible through Face ID verification.

Archer disclosed that he was unable to access an application after it had been sealed or concealed.

The function was intended to prevent children from purchasing items on Amazon without parental permission or to conceal specific applications, such as banking, on the Home Screen.

Nevertheless, users have referred to it as “a cheater’s paradise” because unfaithful partners can conceal their dating, social media, text messaging, and photo apps from others.

Jaden, an Apple enthusiast, discovered what he termed a “significant bug”: none of his photographs or videos had been uploaded to the Photos app.

The tech expert shared on X, “Man, this is not a good start.”

An additional user reported that iOS 18 is exceedingly depleting their iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Apple also introduced the new ‘Apple Intelligence’ feature, which is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, in addition to the new features.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, declared that Apple Intelligence represents “a new chapter in Apple innovation” and will “revolutionize the capabilities of our products” during the unveiling event.

Cook stated, “Our distinctive methodology integrates generative AI with the user’s context to provide intelligence that is truly beneficial.”

Siri, Apple’s in-built virtual assistant, will be integrated with ChatGPT.

Apple stated that Siri will ‘accelerate everyday duties’ and assist you across multiple apps with enhanced ‘language-understanding capabilities’ enabled by ChatGPT.

Siri will be activated by pressing and holding the side button conventionally. However, with ChatGPT in place, Siri will be capable of “answering thousands of questions about how to do something” that it was previously unable to do.

For instance, the user could say, “Play the podcast that Jamie recommended,” and Siri will locate and play the episode without the user having to recall whether it was mentioned in a text or an email.

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Alternatively, you could inquire about the arrival time of your mother’s flight. Siri will retrieve the travel information and compare it to real-time flight tracking to provide an estimated arrival time.

Apple is adamant that Siri will not log or retain private user information or their queries, in contrast to the standard version of ChatGPT.

The partnership will enable the creation of AI-generated emoticons, enabling users to enter a brief prompt in the iMessage app to request a distinctive emoji. The system will then deliver the icon as requested.

The technology has also enabled the development of a new Clean Up tool for the photographs app, which enables the creation of ultra-clean edits to photographs without any indication that the image has been altered in any way.

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