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Tornadoes kill 10 in Balochistan

A family of eight members was among the 10 persons swept away by a torrent in the Awaran and Zhob regions of Balochistan on Saturday, according to officials.

The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) reported that torrential rainfall that began on Friday evening in the districts of Khuzdar and Awaran caused flash flooding in seasonal streams.

Three women, two toddlers, and three men were driving from Awaran to Kalat. The vehicle was carried away by strong currents as they attempted to traverse a stream near Jhao.

Tornadoes kill 10 in Balochistan

Levies personnel and Awaran administration officials rushed to the site to locate the bodies. “Seven bodies have been recovered and transported to a nearby hospital,” Jummadad Khan, deputy commissioner of Awaran, told. One of the bodies has not been recovered.

The family was on their way home to the Surab neighborhood of Kalat when the tragic incident transpired. “The administration has transported seven of the eight bodies to their hometown (Surab) via ambulances,” he said.

The deceased was identified as 38-year-old Azizullah, 37-year-old Munir Ahmed, 40-year-old Ayesha Bibi, and 18-year-old Noorzadi.

Seema Bibi, 17, Babiba Bibi, 9, and Museer Ahmed, 7. However, Mohsin’s body was AWOL and efforts were being made to recover it.

At least two people have swept away separately in Zhob.

The body of Muhammad Shafiq, 60, was discovered in the hilly region of Sombaza near the Pak-Afghan border, while Masood Khan, 16, remained missing.

The victims were in the vicinity with their goats when they became caught in a hill torrent. Ramzan Palal, the deputy commissioner of Zhob, stated that at least ten goats were also carried away by the floodwaters. He added that ten dead cattle were discovered in the area. According to reports, some mud dwellings were also damaged by the rains.

However, the deputy commissioner stated that the situation was under control following reports of significant rainfall throughout Balochistan, including in Zhob, Kalat, Nushki, Dalbandin, Ziarat, Harnai, Duki, Qila Saifullah, Chaman, Loralai, Awaran, Mashkey, Uthal, and Quetta. According to reports, the inundation impeded traffic between Quetta and Karachi after a secondary road near Uthal was washed away by the rain.

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