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Colombian army publishes photos of shipwreck with billions in gold, silver, and emeralds

In 1708, during the War of the Spanish Succession, the Royal Navy destroyed the galleon, but its final resting place remained a mystery for more than three centuries. Today, its contents may be worth billions of dollars. The Colombian army has published a video depicting gold coins and other valuable...

Research shows rich countries have only provided half of their $40bn in climate adaptation funding.

More than $18 billion promised by wealthy nations to help vulnerable, often low-polluting nations adapt to climate change is absent from current plans, according to a new study. International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) research indicates that developed countries and multilateral organizations are on track to channel $21.8bn annually...

Climate change is shrinking Britain, with some coastal communities doomed to be swallowed by the sea.

Even if the Environmental Protection Agency could afford to implement coastal protection measures everywhere, coastal protection measures cannot safeguard all communities, according to scientists. The head of England's Environment Agency (EA) has warned that climate change will "inevitably" compel some British coastal communities to abandon their homes. Sir James Bevan, the...

Equinor: We do not spend enough in renewables, acknowledges the fossil fuel behemoth.

The Norwegian oil giant envisions the Humber as the "first net-zero industrial zone in the world," using controversial blue hydrogen and carbon capture and storage technology. The Norwegian state-owned oil giant invested 8.6 percent of its capital expenditures on renewables in 2020, according to research by Capital Economic for the...

A review of the NHS shows “discrimination, bullying, and blame cultures.”

Because "culture and leadership can be the difference between life and death," according to the health secretary, the recommendations must be implemented immediately. After a review uncovered evidence of bullying, discrimination, and a blaming culture, Sajid Javid pledged immediate action to change the management of health and social care. As a...

Ministers are accused of wagering billions on “nothing more than a slogan” in the report on leveling-up funding.

According to a select committee report, the government settled on a set of principles for allocating £1.7bn to several programs only after determining which bids would be successful. In November of 2012, the public accounts committee of the House of Commons deemed "unsatisfactory" how 105 cash prizes were distributed. Despite spending...

After the confidence vote, Boris Johnson wants to focus on tax cuts.

After 148 Conservative MPs voted against him, the prime minister attempted to rally Cabinet colleagues by stating that it was time to "put a line under the topics that our opponents want to discuss." Boris Johnson attempted to put an end to a brutal confidence vote by pushing Cabinet colleagues...

Sajid Javid warns against allowing another confidence vote.

Following Boris Johnson's victory in the confidence vote on Monday, rebel Tory MPs have suggested that the 1922 Committee change its rules to allow another vote within a year. This would allow for another vote, which could result in the PM's removal. Conservative MPs should not change the rules to...

Brazilian police question four witnesses in the abduction of British journalist Dom Phillips.

Dom Phillips disappeared with Bruno Araujo Pereira, a local indigenous expert in Brazil whose mission was to preserve uncontacted tribes. A state official stated that he could not rule out the possibility that their disappearance was associated with criminal gangs operating in the lawless Javari Valley. The disappearance of a...

Since the Texas school tragedy, more than 700 Americans have been killed by people.

Two weeks after the sad murder of 19 students and two staff members at a primary school in Uvalde, Texas, the US House of Representatives has established a special committee to investigate. In the two weeks following the school massacre in Texas, there have been gun homicides in 43 of...

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Red states to teach 9-year-olds anti-abortion

Several Republican-led states are considering legislation to mandate schoolchildren watch 'Baby Olivia,' an anti-abortion video with disputed fetal development claims. Physicians challenge the accuracy of the video, suggesting developmental milestones are misrepresented. Critics argue it manipulates emotions without scientific backing. Approximately 2.3 million children could be affected if these proposals become law, starting at different grades depending on the state. The video is already in use in North Dakota schools following recent legislation.

Navalny’s mother alleges pressure for ‘secret’ burial

Lyudmila Navalnaya, mother of deceased Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, accuses the state of pressuring her for a secret burial and refusing to return his body. Despite a death certificate citing natural causes, Navalny's family believes he was assassinated by the Kremlin, a charge Russia denies. Amidst her grief, Yulia Navalnaya posts a heartfelt message about their daughter's strength, while the Kremlin continues investigating the death.

Valencia: Huge fire destroys flats in Spanish city

A massive fire in Valencia, Spain, has claimed four lives, injured thirteen, including six firefighters, and left nineteen persons unaccounted for. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez expressed shock and promised full support to the city. The blaze spread rapidly through two buildings, potentially accelerated by strong winds. The cause remains undetermined.

Reddit users call share plans ‘beginning of the end’

Reddit's announcement of a public share sale has met with backlash from users fearing it may alter the site's ethos. Despite the site's successful "ask me anything" threads and significant daily visitor numbers, Redditors are worried about prioritizing revenue over user experience post-IPO. Reddit has faced similar user dissent in the past, and though it struggled to convert online appeal into profits, valuations reached $10 billion in 2021. The CEO sees growth potential in advertising, platform commerce, and AI content licensing. This IPO would be the first for a social media firm since Pinterest in 2019.

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