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Are you in the dumps? A study warns that it could be an indicator of an oncoming stroke.

If you've been depressed recently, it could be an indication that you're at risk for a stroke. In the years preceding the onset of one, individuals are more likely to feel lonely, depressed, and exhausted, according to research. After a stroke, depression symptoms are prevalent, but experts want more research to...

Up to 95% of vapers who develop severe ‘popcorn lung’ die within five years.

While some may view vape and e-cigarette devices as safe alternatives to cigarettes, experts warn that users can develop the debilitating condition known as 'popcorn lung,' and those with the most severe cases are unlikely to survive. Bronchiolitis obliterans is the medical term for popcorn lung, which occurs when a...

Thomas Tuchel: “Win.” I won’t blame transition.

When Thomas Tuchel's staff arrived at their hotel the day before their FA Cup quarterfinal against Middlesbrough and discovered that some of their rooms would not be available until noon, it exemplified the chaotic end to Chelsea's season. "Our entire staff was sitting in the lobby because only the players...

USA hopes hosting worlds will boost athletics.

They refer to it as TrackTown USA, a magical oasis where track and field receive nearly equal billing to the major sports. And for the next ten days, Eugene, Oregon will attempt an even greater feat: convincing the rest of the United States to follow suit. Eugene seems an odd...

Constance Wu claims she attempted suicide in response to negative tweets.

Constance Wu reportedly attempted suicide after receiving backlash for remarks she made about the renewal of her television series Fresh Off the Boat. In a statement announcing her return to Twitter after nearly three years, the American actress revealed the information. She added that she was "terrified to return to social...

England vow to ramp up wind-up tactics for Australia series decider.

Following claims from Australia about the level of niggle in the series, England has warned the Wallabies they will increase their aggressiveness in Saturday's tour decider, with forwards coach Richard Cockerill insisting it has been "pretty tame" thus far. Australia has dominated the buildup to the third Test by accusing...

Haiti reopens its fuel terminal, but gang warfare continues.

The principal fuel terminal in Haiti resumed operations a week after a severe wave of gang violence forced it to close. The Varreux terminal is located in the rundown Cité Soleil neighborhood, where two rival gangs fought, and its closure had caused gasoline shortages. Thursday evening, the terminal operator tweeted that...

14-year-old Danish girl dies after rollercoaster ride ‘comes off rails’.

The girl died at the Tivoli Friheden amusement park in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark because the back two seats of a rollercoaster ride were reportedly dangling "under the wagon train." A 14-year-old girl reportedly died in a Danish amusement park when the rear portion of a rollercoaster...

Thousands flee French, Spanish, and Greek wildfires.

Residents and tourists have fled French towns and villages as high winds and tinder-dry conditions stoke fires in several European nations. In the past few days, over 10,000 people have been compelled to leave the southwestern Gironde region. There are dozens of fires burning in Portugal and Spain, where temperatures have...

Animal-to-human disease outbreaks in Africa rise 60%.

The World Health Organization warns that intercontinental travel, increased urbanization, and the reduction of wildlife habitats have made it easier for viruses to cross borders. According to the most recent data from the World Health Organization, animal-to-human disease transmission rates in Africa have increased by 63 percent over the past...

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Navalny’s mother alleges pressure for ‘secret’ burial

Lyudmila Navalnaya, mother of deceased Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, accuses the state of pressuring her for a secret burial and refusing to return his body. Despite a death certificate citing natural causes, Navalny's family believes he was assassinated by the Kremlin, a charge Russia denies. Amidst her grief, Yulia Navalnaya posts a heartfelt message about their daughter's strength, while the Kremlin continues investigating the death.

Valencia: Huge fire destroys flats in Spanish city

A massive fire in Valencia, Spain, has claimed four lives, injured thirteen, including six firefighters, and left nineteen persons unaccounted for. Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez expressed shock and promised full support to the city. The blaze spread rapidly through two buildings, potentially accelerated by strong winds. The cause remains undetermined.

Reddit users call share plans ‘beginning of the end’

Reddit's announcement of a public share sale has met with backlash from users fearing it may alter the site's ethos. Despite the site's successful "ask me anything" threads and significant daily visitor numbers, Redditors are worried about prioritizing revenue over user experience post-IPO. Reddit has faced similar user dissent in the past, and though it struggled to convert online appeal into profits, valuations reached $10 billion in 2021. The CEO sees growth potential in advertising, platform commerce, and AI content licensing. This IPO would be the first for a social media firm since Pinterest in 2019.

FBI, Homeland Security probe AT&T outage for hack

Federal and security agencies are investigating if a cyberattack, notably a DDOS attack, caused the recent widespread U.S. cellular disruption. While the downtime could owe to hackers targeting 911 services or extracting data, a severe solar flare coinciding with the outage raises alternate theories. Past incidents suggest cloud misconfiguration and cybersecurity lapses as potential culprits. The true cause remains undetermined.

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