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Mastering the art of boiling an egg

Desiring to prepare the ideal liquid, soft-boiled egg for breakfast? 

Achieve a delectable soft centre and cooked its white by following our expert cooking advice and techniques for boiling eggs.

See how to make hard-boiled eggs, fry an egg, and microwave scrambled eggs for additional culinary techniques.

Serve perfectly boiled eggs with toast for a casual high-protein breakfast, incorporate them into a substantial kedgeree, or use them to garnish a simple salad. For more information, consult our guide. If you wish to prepare the traditional boiled egg with soldiers, consult our review of the best toasters to ensure that your boiled eggs are accompanied by the finest toast each morning.

Methods for boiling an egg

Avoid storing your eggs in the refrigerator. Storing the eggs at room temperature will reduce the egg’s shock upon contact with the boiling water, thereby decreasing the likelihood of cracking. Additionally, one may employ an egg pricker to create a minute aperture in each of it before boiling, thereby mitigating the likelihood of thermal breaking.

We used eggs from giant chickens lowered from room temperature to boiling water. Upon completion, remove the eggs from the pan and, if not immediately consumed, transfer them to a basin of cold water to stop the cooking process.

Time required to boil an egg

How to boil an egg to achieve a liquid yolk, a soft-set centre, or a hard-boiled status is as follows:

  • Set egg yolk until light and runny, about 5 minutes; this is ideal for dipping.
  • Six minutes: the slightly less oozy liquid yolk.
  • Seven minutes: nearly set; delectably viscous.
  • Eight minutes: gently set; this is how Scotch eggs should be made.
  • The standard hard-boiled eggs takes ten minutes to become mashable but not dried and chalky.

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