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Woman shoots self sneaking gun into MRI, FDA reveals

  • MRI firearm incident
  • Woman shot, minor injury
  • MAUDE reports adverse events

An individual attempting to conceal a firearm during an MRI session shot themselves in the posterior when the device triggered the weapon’s discharge.

An unidentified 57-year-old woman from Wisconsin was struck in her right butt cheek by a solitary projectile from the firearm, which got too close to the MRI machine.

The trigger may have been depressed due to the MRI’s formidable magnet. The incident occurred in Waukesha, a municipality within the Milwaukee metropolitan area, in June 2023.

Approximately one month later, her physician entered the information into the Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience (MAUDE) database of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Before entering the MRI chamber, the woman underwent a standard screening procedure, including inquiries about potentially hazardous items like firearms. She responded negatively to each question.

During an MRI, patients are instructed to remove any items that may attract the magnet’s attention, such as piercings, jewellery, cell phones, metal in clothing, and weapons, including firearms.

People with tattoos are additionally queried about potential discomfort due to metal particles in tattoo pigments, which could be drawn to the MRI magnet.
MRIs use strong magnets to acquire detailed images of the body’s skeletal system, organs, and tissues. Even when not in operation, the MRI magnet remains active.

After being shot, the 57-year-old sustained a minor injury but fully recovered. It’s unknown if she possessed a valid firearms license.

MAUDE is a voluntary reporting system for adverse events associated with medical devices. A physician examined the woman, noting “extremely small and superficial” entry and exit wounds from the projectile.

The MRI, recommended for various purposes, captures detailed images of the entire body. The specific anatomical region scanned in this case remains unknown.

The MAUDE system lists 102 reports of adverse events involving MRI equipment or procedures. Including irritation, burnt skin, hearing loss, and device malfunctions.

MRI machines emit loud sounds during examinations, requiring individuals to use earplugs due to the noise, which can last from a few minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the examined body part’s location and dimensions.

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