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Most Brits have never heard of hidden STI, which affects 500,000.

  1. Lack of Awareness About Mgen in the UK
  2. Mgen: A Little-Known Sexually Transmitted Infection
  3. Challenges in Testing and Identifying Mgen Symptoms

A survey indicates that fewer than one in five Britons are aware of a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that affects approximately 500,000 individuals.

The bacterium Mycoplasma genitalia (Mgen) infects men and women’s urine and genital tracts by penetrative contact.

Between one and two percent of Britons aged 16 to 44 are afflicted, according to estimates.

Most Brits have never heard of hidden STI, which affects 500,000.

Untreated, the bacterial infection can cause urinary pain, itching, and bleeding after intercourse in women, as well as fertility issues.

Lloyds Pharmacy surveyed 500 individuals in the United Kingdom and found that only 15% had heard of Mgen, with 90% stating that they would not feel confident identifying the symptoms.

Lloyds Pharmacy Online Doctor GP Dr. Neel Patel says STI clinics rarely test for Mgen. So they may only test for it if you have symptoms or have expressed concern.

Eight out of ten men and fifty percent of women will have no symptoms from the infection, but they can request a test if they are concerned they have contracted it from their companion.

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