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How the COVID-19 epidemic increased young women’s egg freezing due to body-clock concerns.

The number of women who froze their eggs increased dramatically during the Covid epidemic, as many feared they were running out of time to produce children.

The pandemic halted dating for unmarried women for months, leaving some unsure of when they would find the ideal spouse with whom to start a family.

How the COVID-19 epidemic increased young women's egg freezing due to body-clock concerns.

An average of 219 women per month froze their eggs during that year, except in April and May when the number decreased owing to clinic closures caused by Covid.

In 2019, the number climbed from less than 200 every month.

In response to data from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), the London-based Aria Fertility clinic reported a significant rise in demand for egg freezing since the epidemic, with the practice now accounting for one-fifth of its procedures.

Dr. Ippokratis Sarris of the King’s Fertility clinic stated, ‘We witnessed a spike in demand for egg freezing after Covid, which was a result of women having to put their dating lives on hold and spending more time alone, allowing them more time to consider their alternatives.

These women, as well as those whose relationships terminated as a result of the Covid-related restrictions, may have feared their choices for starting a family.

While some may have had their eggs frozen as a result of medical treatment, such as chemotherapy, to maintain their fertility, the vast majority have done so voluntarily.

Each lady had at least one round of egg freezing to use them in the future rather than donate them to another couple.

Only one-third of IVF treatments result in a live birth, according to HFEA’s Rachel Cutting: “Clinics should inform [women] that egg freezing does not ensure pregnancy.”

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