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CDC: 2 dead, 50 hospitalized in fruit-linked salmonella outbreak

  • Nationwide salmonella outbreak
  • 99 infected, 2 fatalities
  • Contaminated fruit warning issued

As a result of a nationwide pandemic of food poisoning caused by contaminated fruit, dozens have been hospitalized, and two people have died.

Health officials warned that the number of salmonella infections associated with cantaloupes and pre-cut fruit had doubled in the previous week.

A total of 99 individuals have contracted the virus, 45 of whom have been admitted to hospitals in 32 states; Minnesota has recorded two fatalities.

Several pre-cut food containers and cantaloupes manufactured by Vinyard, ALDI, Freshness Guaranteed, and RaceTrac are among the impacted items.

Throughout the nation, they were distributed to retailers from mid-October to mid-November.

The public is being instructed to discard or return the items in exchange for a refund.

Additionally, surfaces and fruits that may have come into contact with the contaminated produce should be cleaned.

Patients who develop fever, bloody diarrhea, vomiting, or diarrhea lasting longer than three days should consult a physician.

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The CDC reported the new cases without patient information in a Friday health advisory.

The organization interviewed sick people and analyzed test samples to determine that they were infected with the produce strain.

According to the CDC, the number of ill individuals “is probably much higher.”

Individuals who have compromised immune systems, pre-existing medical conditions, children younger than 12 months, or advanced age are at a heightened risk of developing severe illness following contact with salmonella.

Over 1.3 million Americans contract the bacterial infection annually, resulting in 26,500 hospitalizations and 420 deaths.

Typically manifesting between twelve hours and three days after consuming contaminated food. The symptoms of an infection comprise diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramping.

Salmonella infections may, under exceptional conditions, progress to the bloodstream, where they can induce more severe complications, including arterial infections, endocarditis (an inflammation of the heart valve), and arthritis.

The contaminated whole cantaloupes, according to the CDC, may bear the following labels: “Malichita,” “4050,” and “Product of Mexico/produit du Mexique.”

Some pre-cut varieties are branded ‘Fresh’ and ‘Vinyard’ in red, while others are scarlet.

Additionally impacted were cantaloupe pieces and pineapple spears packaged in clamshells from ALDI.

In the interim, transparent square or round plastic containers were utilized. Meanwhile, Freshness Guaranteed and RaceTrac fruit mixtures, cantaloupe segments, seasonal blends, and melon mixes were sold in these containers.

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