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Taylor Swift calls 2016 Kim Kardashian feud ‘career death’

  • Swift overseas relocation
  • Kanye’s “Famous” dispute
  • Post-controversy success

Following the controversy sparked by Kanye West’s song “Famous” in 2016, the pop icon refuted any endorsement of the offensive lyrics. As a result of the repercussions stemming from a revealed phone conversation in which she seemingly gave her approval to West’s song, Swift declared her departure from the United States.

Taylor Swift has discussed her dispute with Kim Kardashian, during which an exposed phone conversation forced the celebrity to relocate overseas and left her feeling that “my career was taken away from me.”

Swift, who was named TIME’s Person of the Year today, discussed her career highs and lows in an interview with the publication, which included the 2016 dispute with Kanye West and his then-wife.

In that same year, Kanye West published the song “Famous,” which featured the following lyrics: “Why do I feel like Taylor and I may still be having sex? I made that b**** well-known.”

West and Swift seemed to have reconciled following a protracted dispute. The dispute originated from the notorious 2009 MTV VMAs prior to the release of the song from Swift’s album ‘The Life of Pablo.’

Swift denied that she had given her approval to the lyrics, as asserted by West.

Swift’s Psychological Struggles and Relocation

However, in the midst of the dispute, Kardashian published an online video purporting to show West speaking with the vocalist on the phone, during which Swift seemed to give her approval to the offensive remarks.

The opposition to Swift was intense. Later, it came to light that West had not read Swift’s complete lyrics.

Swift described the incident in her Person of the Year cover story for TIME as a “career demise” and elaborated: “My career was irrevocably ended.

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“You have an entirely fabricated frame job,” Kim Kardashian said in an illicitly recorded phone conversation that she edited and then distributed to the public to discredit me.

“That brought me to a psychological depth where I had never been before.” I relocated to an overseas nation.

I remained in a rental residence for an entire year. And I had a fear of answering phone messages.

“I pushed away the majority of the people in my life because I lost all faith in them.” “I descended exceedingly, exceedingly severely.”

In 2020 Twitter posts, Kardashian said Swift-West’s dispute “compelled me to defend him.”

Swift told TIME, seven years after the event and in receipt of the outlet’s honor, “This is the most creatively fulfilled and liberated I’ve ever been; it is also the proudest and happiest I’ve ever been.”

Swift’s Achievements Post-Controversy

The “Shake It Off” vocalist won the competition by defeating several finalists, including the King, former US President Donald Trump’s prosecutors, and Barbie.

Her compositions have been streamed in excess of 26 billion times, making her the most-streamed artist on Spotify worldwide. She won 12 Grammys.

The film adaptation of her Eras Tour, which grossed over $1 billion, became the highest-grossing concert film of all time.

Additionally, People magazine bestowed upon her the designation of 2023’s Most Intriguing Person of the Year. While Forbes ranked her as the fifth most influential woman globally.

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