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Depp v Heard: Amber experienced ‘theatrical and marginal behavioral conditions’ and ‘horribly misrepresented side effects of PTSD’, court hears

On day nine of the Depp v Heard preliminary, the court caught wind of a contention in which Heard named Depp “a cleaned up entertainer” who might “pass on a fat, desolate elderly person” and an unfortunate vacation on a yacht that Depp would later offer to JK Rowling.

Specialist Shannon Curry told the court she had initially been drawn closer by Depp’s lawful group to assist with learning whether there was proof of “private accomplice viciousness” inside the couple’s relationship yet was subsequently approached to finish “a mental examination” of the entertainer.

She said marginal behavioral condition was “a prescient variable in ladies who carry out viciousness against their accomplice,” adding that “one strategy is genuinely attacking and afterward getting injured themselves… then utilizing the general set of laws… for instance utilizing a controlling request”.

It is well realized that Heard documented a transitory limiting request against Johnny Depp in May 2016.

Here are a portion of the central issues from the 10th day of declaration:

 Bahamas domain administrator says she saw Depp with ‘wounded nose’ after entertainer said Heard ‘tossed a can at him’

• Court hears Heard called Depp ‘a cleaned up entertainer’ who might ‘kick the bucket a fat, desolate elderly person’

• Unfortunate vacation with Depp’s children on yacht later offered to JK Rowling portrayed

• Cop says she saw no indications of aggressive behavior at home after supposed occurrence in LA

• Couple’s relationship is once more named ‘poisonous’

• Make up for lost time with what has been expressed such a long ways in our live revealing of the preliminary as it works out

‘Playing a casualty or princess job’

Specialist Curry additionally said that patients with dramatic behavioral condition were “extremely, keen on their looks” and often utilized them “to get what they need”. She said it was normal for individuals with such behavioral conditions to take on “a casualty or princess job”, now and again making up stories to “get regard and consideration that way”.

She explained that a “behavioral condition” was an “persevering through characteristic” influencing “all aspects of an individual’s life”, not normal for mental problems, for example, gloom which she said were “long winded” and “would go back and forth”.

She recorded what she viewed as a portion of Heard’s character qualities, including “detached forceful way of behaving and egocentric and conceited way of behaving”, as well as being “loaded with rage, internal displeasure and fault”.

Also, Doctor Curry depicted Heard as “horribly overstating side effects of PTSD”, saying that when the inquiries she put to her “appeared to be arbitrary” she accepted that Heard attempted to “limit” any impression of an issue, however when questions put to her spun around injury she felt Appreciated would “misrepresent”.

She said the entertainer had at first asserted she experienced 19 of the 20 side effects of PTSD, which she said wouldn’t be “average of somebody experiencing even the most crippling type of PTSD”.

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

Specialist Curry said her examination of Heard depended on assessing a large group of clinical and authoritative records and two in-person gatherings with Heard in December 2021, which she said totalled 12 hours.

She said she utilized “the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Volume 2” (MMPI2) to contact her findings (a progression of 567 valid or misleading proclamations) and that it was “the most regularly utilized evaluation overall by psychological wellness experts and in legal setting for the court”.

Calling Heard “the 36-code type” she said such people showed qualities including “a great deal of remorselessness, being extremely worried about their picture, very consideration chasing and inclined to externalizing fault to where it’s indistinct whether they can own up to themselves they have specific obligations”.

She likewise said they had “a great deal of supressed outrage which can burst out and issues inside their connections”.

The specialist proceeded to say that such an individual was “unnerved by relinquishment” and would do nearly anything to keep away from it.

‘Supper and beverages’ with Depp and biscuits with Heard

Nonetheless, during interrogation of Doctor Curry from Heard’s group, the “exceptionally sporadic” practice of meeting with a subject in prosecution was called out, with the specialist’s choice to go for “supper and beverages” at Depp’s home in front of consenting to work for him condemned.

Heard’s legal advisor, Elaine Bredehoft, additionally asserted the specialist was “so energized [about taking on the prominent case] that she told her better half she would have been directing an assessment of Amber Heard” despite the fact that it was “an exceptionally private matter”.

Specialist Curry said that was not the situation, she simply requested that her significant other “get biscuits since I was behind schedule”, adding that she and Heard “partook in the biscuits together”.

Heard’s group likewise put it to her that she could not have possibly been employed to affirm had she not viewed the entertainer as experiencing some type of turmoil. Specialist Curry censured that hypothesis, saying her findings depended on proof.

A cleaned up entertainer… You’ll pass on a fat, forlorn elderly person’

The court additionally heard distant declaration from Tara Roberts, the domain director of Depp’s Bahamas home. She told Depp’s legitimate group she had seen the couple contending on the island and Heard sharing with Depp: “You’re a cleaned up entertainer… You’ll bite the dust a fat, forlorn elderly person.”

She says Depp blamed Heard for “hitting me with a can” and that he had “swelling on the extension of his nose”.

During the line, Ms Roberts said she could see Heard “pawing, getting at [Depp’s] garments… attempting to violently pull him back”, while Depp “didn’t respond” and “remained there with his arms close by” not busy.

She said that she removed Depp from the present circumstance to a bistro on the island, where she put an ice pack on his nose and he “dozed until the end of the morning”.

JK Rowling’s future yacht

During interrogation by Heard’s group, Ms Roberts was gotten some information about “an outing on the yacht that Depp would have been offering to JK Rowling”.

The court was informed that this was one day in July 2013 when Depp, Heard and Depp’s two kids Lily-Rose and Jack were out traveling together, yet Lily-Rose became “upset since her dad was drinking and attempting to conceal it from her”. A helicopter must be coordinated to gather her from the yacht.

Ms Roberts affirmed this occurred. She was additionally approached to affirm one more event when Depp “passed out face first in the sand” before his child Jack. She said it did work out and she helped Depp onto a lounger and left to him to recuperate, be that as it may, she said she couldn’t say whether Jack was “steamed” by it as she didn’t talk with him about it subsequently.

Ms Roberts likewise affirmed that she lived in her own property instead of with Depp on the island, thus “wouldn’t know whether Mr Depp was ingesting medications and wouldn’t be aware assuming Mr Depp was drinking”. Be that as it may, she said she would realize who consumed what “from tidying up… Based on what was in the trash and what was left out…”

She affirmed the entertainer had “a tremendous capacity to bear liquor”.

Cop on the scene

We additionally heard from a LAPD official who went to Depp’s penthouse in Los Angeles on 21 May 2016, after Depp and Heard supposedly battled, and Heard’s legitimate group say a cell phone was tossed at the entertainer’s face.

In a recorded affidavit, Officer Melissa Saenz over and over told both Depp and Heard’s legitimate groups that she had “not seen or heard anything that made her think a wrongdoing had been perpetrated or a demonstration of abusive behavior at home had happened”.

She said to that end she had not finished a report on the episode, regardless of it being police strategy to record writes about any associated occurrence with homegrown maltreatment.

Official Saenz affirmed that she could see no proof of problem in Depp’s penthouse or injury on Heard. Depp was not at the loft at the time the official joined in.

Depp v Heard – the foundation

Depp is suing his ex for $50m (£38.2m), over an assessment piece she composed for The Washington Post in 2018 which his legal advisors say erroneously suggests he genuinely and physically manhandled her.

Heard has given a counterclaim for $100m (£76.4m).

The previous couple began dating subsequent to meeting on the arrangement of the 2011 film The Rum Diary and wedded in Los Angeles in February 2015.

Ms Heard’s Washington Post article didn’t make reference to Depp by name however was named: “I opposed sexual brutality – and confronted our way of life’s rage.”

The preliminary in Fairfax County, Virginia, is booked to most recent a month and a half.


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