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Abi Phillips, entertainer who featured in Hollyoaks, determined to have thyroid disease at 28

The entertainer and artist says two knots in her neck were already “passed off” by specialists who “said I was ‘youthful’ and it wouldn’t be anything'”.

The entertainer and artist reported the news to her adherents on Instagram.

“In this way, I took these photos before my sweeps and after my biopsy enjoying an old fashioned chuckle about how strangely spruced up I searched in the emergency clinic before a gig, not anticipating that briefly should get the news that I completed fourteen days after the fact,” she said.

“I’d recently been sent away from the specialists subsequent to having found two knots in my neck, they’d passed it off and said I was ‘youthful’ and it wouldn’t be anything and I was ‘presumably moving past a cold’ or my body was ‘warding something off’.

“However much that is what I needed to hear I needed to have everything looked at for my own inward feeling of harmony.

“I booked in with a subject matter expert and promptly she let me know she was exceptionally worried because of where my protuberances were found and alluded me for a dire biopsy and sweeps.”

Phillips, who assumed the part of Liberty Savage in the Channel 4 drama from 2010 to 2013, said she was given the analysis by an expert at Birmingham’s QE Hospital fourteen days after the fact.

She said she was informed she would require a medical procedure and radiotherapy.

“I never figured I would be informed that I have disease at 28 years old, you never believe it will happen to you,” she said.

Phillips added that she could never have gone to see a subject matter expert in the event that she had not seen an online entertainment post from a previous hopeful on unscripted television show Love Island, Demi Jones, who was recently determined to have thyroid malignant growth.

“Her protuberances were in precisely the same spot as mine,” she said.

“If at any point you find a bump or something strange on your body, never believe it’s nothing, don’t be informed that you’re fine by the GP and you’re ‘youthful’, consistently have things looked at by a subject matter expert on the off chance that you would be able and demand tests regardless of whether it ends up being nothing, as getting things early is pivotal for a decent anticipation.

“This time one week from now I’ll be making progress toward recuperation after my activity.”


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