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This week’s heatwave will be longer than July’s; no barbecuing!

The peak of the heatwave is anticipated to occur on Friday or Saturday, as high pressure builds across the United Kingdom.

Another heatwave is on its way to the United Kingdom, exacerbating dry conditions that have already prompted hosepipe bans in some regions.

Although temperatures will remain lower than last month’s record-breaking highs of 40.3C (105F), this current heat wave is projected to linger significantly longer.

This week's heatwave will be longer than july's; no barbecuing!
This week's heatwave will be longer than july's; no barbecuing!

The peak of the heatwave is anticipated to occur on Friday or Saturday, as high pressure builds across the United Kingdom.

Concerned that fireworks and sky lanterns could cause “large-scale” fires in parched places, Britons are being cautioned not to host barbecues in the current conditions.

Saturday, 15 homes were evacuated after a garden fire in Essex got out of control, destroying “multiple gardens, sheds, and outbuildings” and damaging 12 homes.

About forty individuals were displaced, and seven required medical attention for injuries and smoke inhalation.

This week's heatwave will be longer than july's; no barbecuing!

Neil Fenwick, area manager for Essex County Fire and Rescue Service, stated, “While summer weather is typically ideal for hosting a BBQ or gathering around a chiminea in the evening, we highly discourage people from having fires at this time.”

As high pressure rises, all of England and Wales will feel the effects of the heatwave, while Scotland and Northern Ireland will have “sunny and very warm, if not hot” temperatures as the weekend approach.

Tom Morgan, a meteorologist with the Met Office, stated, “It appears to be an extended period of dry weather, which is bad news for southern England, where rain would be very welcome right now.”

Although it is uncertain which regions will experience the highest temperatures, early forecasts indicate that the West Midlands and the West Country are likely candidates.

Mr. Morgan predicts that the conditions for a heatwave will be reached throughout the entirety of the United Kingdom, which could place pressure on the National Health Service as the most vulnerable suffer from heat-related issues.

“We’re very optimistic that temperatures won’t rise as high as they did in July, but this will be an extended time of temperatures in the low 30s, so it will be noteworthy nonetheless,” he continued.

To prevent overheating, it is recommended to close curtains and windows during the day and avoid the midday sun.

Hosepipe bans

Environment Secretary George Eustice “strongly urged” water suppliers across the United Kingdom to implement hosepipe bans over the weekend.

George Eustice stated that some businesses have “properly” taken action to alleviate the effects of the protracted drought, and he urged others to do the same.

Currently, Southern Water has prohibited consumers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight from using hosepipes.

South East Water customers in Kent and Sussex will also be subject to temporary water use limits beginning on August 12, and Welsh Water will announce similar limitations for Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire later this month.


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