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Britain is most suited to EVs than its European neighbours

According to a new report analyzing the ease with which various nations could transition to EVs in light of their current transportation habits, this is the case. According to an analysis by transport solutions company Geotab, two-thirds of cars and vans presently in use by private owners and public sector organizations in the United Kingdom are easily replaceable with electric vehicles. This would result in cost savings for both businesses and drivers.

Norfolk coroner Gaynor Lord says mother-of-three drowned

A coroner stated that a mother of three whose disappearance prompted an extensive search drowned in the river where her remains were discovered. The 55-year-old Gaynor Lord was reported missing on December 8 after neglecting to return home from her department store job in Norwich. Police divers recovered her remains from the River Wensum one week later.

Netanyahu asserts Israel’s autonomy post-Cameron discussion

Lord Cameron, the foreign secretary of the United Kingdom, was informed by Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel would "make its own decisions" regarding its response to an Iranian attack. During negotiations that the British government had hoped would prevent an escalation, he declared that his government would "do whatever was necessary to defend itself."

10% ex-smokers may relapse due to vape flavor restrictions

Plans to restrict flavours could cause more than one in ten former smokers who converted to vaping to relapse, according to the government's impact assessment. According to research highlighted by the Department of Health, thirteen per cent of vaping ex-smokers would return to cigarettes if flavourings were unavailable. Last night, Rishi Sunak's fiercely contested proposal overcame its initial obstacle. The' mad' ban was supported by 383 to 67 votes from the members of Parliament.

Making sexually explicit deepfakes illegal

The government has announced that the production of sexually explicit "deepfake" images will be criminalised in England and Wales under a new statute. Unauthorised individuals who create explicit images of adults are subject to a criminal record and an unlimited fine, as stipulated by the legislation. The provision will be applicable irrespective of the intention of the image's creator to disseminate it, according to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ).

Unemployment soars as the British labour market stagnates

As the number of unemployed in the United Kingdom increases, the labour market appears to be stagnating, according to new data. During the period from December to February, the unemployment rate rose to 4.2%, the highest level in six months. In contrast, the percentage of employed individuals experienced a decline, while the economically inactive, referring to those who are neither employed nor actively seeking employment, experienced a marginal increase.

Nat Sciver-Brunt selected Wisden’s top women’s cricketer

Nat Sciver-Brunt is the inaugural English lady to receive the prestigious Wisden World Cricketer of the Year award. After an exceptional run of form in 2023, the 31-year-old assumed the leading position in the women's game. In contrast, Australia captain Pat Cummins was awarded the men's trophy after guiding his nation to victory in the World Test Championship and 50-over World Cup.

Injury survivors of Manchester Arena bombing sue MI5

In the past, the security service issued an apology for missing an opportunity to prevent the attack, which resulted in the deaths of 22 individuals and numerous injuries. Attorneys have stated that the injured survivors of the Manchester Arena explosion are suing MI5. It follows the security chief's admission from the previous year that a "slim" opportunity to prevent the attack in May 2017 was not realised, resulting in the deaths of 22 individuals and the injury of hundreds more.

Prue Leith campaigns for assisted dying after brother’s suffering

The patron of Dignity in Dying and judge on The Great British Bake Off stated that her brother David passed away from bone cancer over a decade ago, enduring excruciating agony. As an advocate for assisted dying, Bake Off star Dame Prue Leith disclosed that her older sibling endured "absolute agony" before his passing.

Bradford murder: Footage reveals aftermath of fatal stabbing

According to her relatives, Kulsuma Akter, the 27-year-old victim, was "extremely caring and modest," she "made people laugh." A suspect in the murder investigation was apprehended by the police over 150 miles from the location of the crime. "Very caring and humble," according to a relative, was the mother who was fatally stabbed while pushing her infant in a pram. Police have since detained a suspect in the murder investigation.

Murder suspects arrested after park remains find

Two individuals have been brought into custody in connection with the remains discovered on Rowdown Fields in New Addington on Tuesday morning: a 44-year-old man and a 48-year-old woman. In the borough of Croydon, two individuals have been apprehended on suspicion of homicide after the unearthing of human remains in a park. On Saturday, entities were arrested in the presence of a woman, 48, and a man, 44.

UK PM Cameron calls Israel support ‘not unconditional’

Foreign Secretary David Cameron writes in a newspaper column that America's backing of Israel is contingent on the country's observance of international humanitarian law. The former prime minister's remarks were made days after seven aid workers, including three Britons, were slain in Gaza by an Israeli airstrike.

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Study says attractive female looks make males more honest

According to one study, the presence of attractive female faces may influence males to exhibit more honest behavior. Male participants in an experiment cheated less frequently when shown an image of an attractive woman, according to researchers. Female participants, on the other hand, exhibited less honesty when confronted with an identical image.

UK owners reunite with 17-day-lost Australian dog

Milo, a Jack Russell Terrier cross, escaped his handler at Melbourne Airport as he prepared to fly home to Swansea. A canine reported missing in Australia for over two weeks has been returned to his owners in the United Kingdom. Jason Whatnall's partner, Nick Rowlands recently brought their dog Milo to Jason's native state of Victoria, Australia.

Top Israeli military intelligence official resigns on 7 Oct

In a letter of resignation, the head of intelligence for the Israeli military admitted blame for the shortcomings that preceded the October 7 attack by Hamas on Israel. According to the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), Major General Aharon Haliva will retire after his successor is selected. In a letter, he admitted that his intelligence division "fell short of the responsibility placed upon us."

Airline delays due to Liverpool airport power outage

A passenger stated they were stranded on the tarmac for nearly three hours while Liverpool John Lennon Airport attempted to resolve a power disruption. Another passenger reported that a "full Ryanair flight" had been delayed at Dublin Airport since 1.30 pm1.30 pm. A power failure at Liverpool John Lennon Airport halted all aircraft, resulting in potential delays, as passengers were advised.