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Tesla to cut 10% of global workforce due to sales drop

The global personnel of electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is expected to be reduced by more than 10 per cent, according to a memo distributed to staff members by CEO Elon Musk. Due to the "duplication of roles and job functions in certain areas" that resulted from the company's rapid global expansion, Musk informed employees via email on Monday that the reductions were essential.

Bosses fret: AI may snatch executive positions

Even your supervisor is concerned that AI may replace them. Hundreds of chief executive officers are concerned that one day technology will replace them. Numerous individuals acknowledge that they have already begun to covertly utilise tools like ChatGPT to assist them with their daily duties while passing off the work as their own.

Sky Mobile resumes after five-hour outage, frustrating customers

After five hours of technical difficulties this morning, hundreds of users were unable to access the internet on their devices. Fortunately, Sky Mobile is now back online. The technology behemoth confirmed the resolution of the issue via X (formerly Twitter), writing, "Our support teams have investigated and resolved this issue." "Affected customers should be able to utilise their 3G/4G/5G services at this time," they continued.

Human excrement could power planes soon

"We are converting sewage into jet fuel," James Hygate, CEO of biofuel company Firefly, stated. The organisation anticipates commencing deliveries of the reduced carbon fuel in or around 2028. Human detritus may soon be utilised as fuel for aircraft, a world-first factory has been announced.

NASA selects firms for lunar rover in historic mission

NASA has awarded three companies contracts to construct vehicles for crewed missions to the Moon, which will occur for the first time in over fifty years. NASA announced on Wednesday that Intuitive Machines, Lunar Outpost, and Venturi Astrolab, located in Texas, Colorado, and California, respectively, have been selected to develop designs for the lunar rover under a contract valued at a maximum of $4.6 billion.

Google may implement paywall, charging for AI access

A new report claims that Google is considering charging users for access to its AI-powered search engine. According to 'people familiar with the plan' cited by The Financial Times, the technology behemoth is considering numerous alternatives. The report states that this includes integrating AI-driven search functionalities into the company's premium subscription services, which already grant users access to its novel Gemini AI assistant in Gmail and Docs.

US bridges at risk, including Golden Gate, Verrazzano

The most recent federal data indicates that at least seven bridges in the United States share comparable dimensions and height to the now-demolished Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore; thus, they, too, are susceptible to a similar catastrophe in the future. The National Bridge Inventory for 2023, conducted by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), identified several renowned bridges that comprise "fracture critical members," or sections of steel where even a single point failure could result in the structure's total collapse.

Lawyer warns firestick users of inviting potential risks

Experts have cautioned sports fans who attempt to view Premier League football for free using shaky' firesticks against the potential disclosure of their banking information to criminals. Samuel O'Toole, an attorney specialising in intellectual property, said that in addition to the legal risk they expose themselves to, illegal streamers invite an organised criminal gang into their homes through the device.

April’s eclipse may cause 1,000+ car crash fatalities, study warns

Scientists have issued a warning that the April solar eclipse could lead to an increase in fatal automobile collisions. After analysing road traffic data about the 2017 solar eclipse, researchers from the University of Toronto determined that there were over a thousand additional road fatalities in the United States in the three days preceding and following the celestial event.

Lawyer warns ‘dodgy’ firestick users risk losing houses

Experts have cautioned that sports enthusiasts who "jailbreak" an Amazon Firestick to stream Premier League football matches or pay-per-view films unlawfully risk losing their homes in the event of a copyright infringement lawsuit. Dozens of Facebook users claim to provide Firestick login credentials and "unlimited live channels" for as little as £40 per month. In contrast, Sky and TNT sports channels, films and other features cost approximately £100 monthly.

IPTV ‘piracy shield’ may end illegal streaming in UK

Those who provide Internet Protocol television (IPTV), which is widely used to view live sports, films, and premium television, have lost billions of dollars in revenue. However, authorities' current use of new piracy weapons poses a threat to its very existence. Utilizing IPTV to stream free content from platforms like Sky Sports or Netflix, a practice that many engage in by exploiting hacking devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick or Roku box, constitutes a heinous and direct infringement of copyright legislation.

Nvidia introduces AI-powering ‘superchips’

As a result of Nvidia's singular contribution to the AI revolution, which has engulfed the globe since the introduction of ChatGPT in late 2022, the occasion has earned the moniker "AI Woodstock" from Wedbush analyst Dan Ives. It has become an absolute must-attend for major technology companies.

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Police threaten arrest of ‘openly Jewish’ man near pro-Palestine march

Last Saturday in London, the leader of the Campaign Against Antisemitism was prevented from crossing a road near a pro-Palestine demonstration. A supporter of antisemitism was threatened with arrest mere yards from a pro-Palestine march, with one Metropolitan Police officer characterising his presence as "antagonising."

G7 nations criticise Chinese funding for Russia’s weapons industry

The "strong concern" expressed by foreign ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) nations regarding transferring weapon components and materials from Chinese enterprises to Russia in preparation for its military offensive in Ukraine has been documented. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken exhorted his counterparts on Friday at a meeting on the Italian island of Capri to increase pressure on China, which the United States accuses of assisting Russia's war effort by supplying critical components for weaponry.

Israel’s attack on Iran: Crisis demonstrates Iran-Israel miscommunication

The Israeli assault on Iran did not elicit the severe reaction that Western leaders, including US President Joe Biden, had anticipated. They have been advocating for Israel to establish a clear boundary in the perilous sequence of occurrences that commenced on April 1 with the assassination of a senior Iranian general in Damascus by Israel. The conflict in Gaza has persisted for over six months after the Hamas assaults on Israel, and it has extended to the vicinity encompassing the Lebanon-Israel border and the Gulf.

Saga boosted by ocean and river cruise demand

New results indicate that Saga's cruise and travel divisions returned to profitability in 2018 due to a significant increase in demand. According to preliminary annual results, the group's ocean cruise division generated an underlying pre-tax profit of £35.5 million in the year ending in January, compared to a loss of £700,000 in the prior year. The organisation stated, "Bookings for ocean cruises continue to be exceptionally robust, and we have already secured a 78% load factor and £3,679 per diem for 2024/25."