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Truss elated by mini-budget, criticizes fleas in memoir

Liz Truss tendered her resignation in October 2022 after completing a term of 44 days in office. Anecdotes from her personal life as a senior government official are included in her memoir, which chronicles her brief tenure. Liz Truss disclosed that she wrestled with the idea of dismantling the United Kingdom's economic watchdog and replacing Treasury and Bank of England leaders, claiming they were "pro-China" and "pro-Remain" organisations, respectively.

Boris Johnson calls Rishi Sunak’s smoking ban ‘crazy’

The former prime minister criticised the actions of his Conservative successor as leader, stating that the party had lost "dynamism." Boris Johnson termed Rishi Sunak's proposal to discontinue the sale of nicotine products "nuts" about his smoking policy. At the 2023 Conservative Party conference, the incumbent prime minister unveiled his plan: gradually increase the legal age of purchase for cigarettes in England by one year, culminating in the establishment of a "smoke-free" generation.

PM defends NHS record as England misses targets

Rishi Sunak defended his performance on the NHS in light of new data indicating that crucial objectives for A&E waiting lists and times have been missed. Mr Sunak stated, "We are making progress," citing data indicating a marginal decline in the volume of individuals awaiting routine medical procedures at the hospital. However, March data indicates that targets for the number of patients seen in A&E within four hours were not achieved.

Lord Cameron claims UK arms sales to Israel are ‘unchanged’

The foreign secretary maintains that the United Kingdom maintains "grave concerns" regarding the accessibility of humanitarian aid in Gaza. At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that a date has been set for a ground invasion in Rafah. Lord Cameron stated that the United Kingdom maintains an "unchanged" stance regarding arms sales to Israel.

Sunak shocked by bloodshed but supports Israel’s self-defense right

Rishi Sunak has emphasised the increasing suffering of Palestinian civilians and stated that the United Kingdom has been "straining every sinew" to deliver aid to Gaza, all the while pressing Hamas to liberate its captives. Rishi Sunak stated that the United Kingdom remains "firmly committed to Israel's right to defend its security" despite being "deeply disturbed" by the violence that has occurred six months since the Israel-Hamas conflict began.

Deputy PM: UK can sell weaponry to Israel

According to the deputy prime minister, it remains lawful for the United Kingdom to maintain its arms sales to Israel. There have been demands for the United Kingdom to cease its provision of arms to Israel after the loss of seven aid workers in Gaza this week. Oliver Dowden implied that the United Kingdom would cease arms deliveries to Israel if the country were to be judged to have violated international law.

Hunt applauds Wragg’s ‘courageous’ apology over sharing MPs’ numbers

The Metropolitan Police had previously stated that it was evaluating reports of a parliamentary honeytrap sexting scheme. The chancellor commended Conservative MP William Wragg for his "courageous and fulsome" apology to The Times following his admission that he had revealed the personal phone numbers of MPs. According to Jeremy Hunt, the news was "extremely cause for concern."

Johnson criticizes call to halt UK arms sales to Israel

The demand for the United Kingdom to cease arms sales to Israel has been labeled "shameful" by former prime minister Boris Johnson. On Monday, seven humanitarian workers, including three Britons, were killed in airstrikes in Gaza conducted by the Israeli army. As a result, certain Labour and Conservative MPs, the Lib Dems, and the SNP have urged the United Kingdom to reevaluate its support for Israel.

HMRC’s tax demands push thousands; two share suicide attempts

The tax authorities, HMRC, have levied debilitating demands on tens of thousands of individuals nationwide for taxes that their employers failed to pay. HMRC has levied debilitating tax demands against tens of thousands of individuals for taxes their employers neglected to pay. A comparison has been made between this injustice and the Horizon scandal. Amidst the depths of his misery, Mark perceived this as the most logical course of action.

Sunak said the UK is breaking international law by arming Israel

A correspondence comprising seventeen pages and featuring the signatures of three former Supreme Court justices urges ministers to resume financing to the UNRWA aid agency and to cease hostilities. By continuing to arm Israel, the United Kingdom violates international law, Rishi Sunak has been warned.

Lord Cameron ruled out Western troops in Ukraine

Lord Cameron has ruled out the deployment of Western troops into Ukraine so as not to provide "a target" for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Foreign Secretary Tillmann acknowledged that "should the allies fail to step up, the war will be lost." However, Lord Cameron responded "no" when asked whether Western nations should deploy troops into Ukraine.

Mercer’s deadline extended for naming Afghan whistleblowers

The order in question is under review by the chair of the inquiry, who previously deemed the minister's position of "refusing to answer legitimate questions" as "completely unacceptable" and thus filed a challenge against it. Johnny Mercer is exempt from the requirement to submit the identities of individuals who provided him with information regarding purported murders carried out by British special forces in Afghanistan by this coming Friday.

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Police threaten arrest of ‘openly Jewish’ man near pro-Palestine march

Last Saturday in London, the leader of the Campaign Against Antisemitism was prevented from crossing a road near a pro-Palestine demonstration. A supporter of antisemitism was threatened with arrest mere yards from a pro-Palestine march, with one Metropolitan Police officer characterising his presence as "antagonising."

G7 nations criticise Chinese funding for Russia’s weapons industry

The "strong concern" expressed by foreign ministers of the Group of Seven (G7) nations regarding transferring weapon components and materials from Chinese enterprises to Russia in preparation for its military offensive in Ukraine has been documented. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken exhorted his counterparts on Friday at a meeting on the Italian island of Capri to increase pressure on China, which the United States accuses of assisting Russia's war effort by supplying critical components for weaponry.

Israel’s attack on Iran: Crisis demonstrates Iran-Israel miscommunication

The Israeli assault on Iran did not elicit the severe reaction that Western leaders, including US President Joe Biden, had anticipated. They have been advocating for Israel to establish a clear boundary in the perilous sequence of occurrences that commenced on April 1 with the assassination of a senior Iranian general in Damascus by Israel. The conflict in Gaza has persisted for over six months after the Hamas assaults on Israel, and it has extended to the vicinity encompassing the Lebanon-Israel border and the Gulf.

Saga boosted by ocean and river cruise demand

New results indicate that Saga's cruise and travel divisions returned to profitability in 2018 due to a significant increase in demand. According to preliminary annual results, the group's ocean cruise division generated an underlying pre-tax profit of £35.5 million in the year ending in January, compared to a loss of £700,000 in the prior year. The organisation stated, "Bookings for ocean cruises continue to be exceptionally robust, and we have already secured a 78% load factor and £3,679 per diem for 2024/25."