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Supreme Court decides Deliveroo riders are not workers

The verdict supports contract economy firms but hurts workers and the union that argued the matter for years.

The UK’s highest court does not consider Deliveroo delivery couriers employees.

The Supreme Court ruled that Deliveroo employees are not deemed employees due to the absence of set working hours, the ability to work for competitors, and the ability to delegate work.

According to its ruling, the arrangement between Deliveroo and its couriers is “fundamentally incompatible with the concept of an employment relationship.”

The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain began Legal Action Against Deliveroo Riders for Collective Bargaining Rights.

The company rejected their 2017 attempt to negotiate pay and working conditions. The grounds were that the members did not qualify as employees under United Kingdom law.

An accumulation of appeals culminated in the Supreme Court’s ruling that they are ineligible for union membership due to their failure to satisfy the criteria of being classified as workers or employees.

According to the IWGB, Deliveroo infringed upon the couriers’ human rights in an unlawful manner. The company denied their request for recognition as a collective bargaining organization.

UK employment law protects workers from illicit wage deductions and discrimination. They do not possess the complete array of legal rights granted to employees.

Comparisons with Uber Case and Ongoing IWGB Actions

After losing its Supreme Court challenge two years ago, Uber’s drivers became employees. As such, they are now eligible for fundamental employment protections, including the minimum wage.

The judges’ conclusion in the Uber case was that drivers are “subordinate and dependent on Uber to the extent that they have minimal or no capacity to advance their status through the application of entrepreneurial or professional abilities.”

The IWGB expressed its displeasure with the Deliveroo decision and continued to evaluate its alternatives.

A statement read, “This may not be in the law, but more couriers are joining the union, enhancing our capacity to keep Deliveroo accountable.”

Our strength is our workforce’s solidarity in reform advocacy, not court rulings.

A Deliveroo spokesperson stated, “UK courts, including the Supreme Court, the highest court in the country, have verified that Deliveroo riders are self-employed on multiple occasions.” This affirmation applies at every level of the legal proceedings.

This ruling is favourable for Deliveroo couriers, who highly appreciate the adaptability that independent employment provides.”

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