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Heineken acquires Ellie Goulding’s can cocktail stake

  1. Heineken Acquires Minority Stake in Ellie Goulding’s Cocktail-in-a-Can Brand
  2. Served’s Range of Premade Cocktails and Hard Seltzer
  3. Partnership with Heineken to Expand in the Ready-to-Drink Market

Heineken has acquired a minority stake in the cocktail-in-a-can brand owned by Ellie Goulding.

Served, which was founded in 2020 by the British singer alongside the entrepreneur siblings Dean and Ryan Ginsberg, produces premade mojitos, pina coladas, and alcoholic sparkling water Hard Seltzer for approximately £3 per can.

Served said the Dutch brewing major deal will help it develop in Britain’s £866 million ready-to-drink market by 2022.

Goulding stated in a statement, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Heineken, a family-owned business with a clear vision for the category and a set of values that align with our own.”

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