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Europe will standardize phone chargers in 2024, forcing Apple to use USB-C.

Apple has opposed the idea in the past, arguing that it would hinder innovation and generate waste.

The European Parliament has voted to implement a mobile phone charging port standard.

By 2024, all smartphones, tablets, and cameras will be required to use USB-C connectors, the current charging standard for Android devices.

The shift will have significant repercussions for Apple, whose products utilize its proprietary Lightning connector.

Europe will standardize phone chargers in 2024, forcing Apple to use USB-C.

In addition to mobile phones, the ban will apply to earbuds, e-readers, and a variety of other electronic gadgets, meaning Samsung and Huawei could also be affected.

Previously, the European Commission estimated that a standard EU charger could save consumers approximately €250 million (£219 million).

In June, the British government stated that it has no plans to adopt a standard charging cable like the European Union.

Northern Ireland, unlike the rest of the United Kingdom, will remain a part of the single market for goods under the terms of the Brexit agreement negotiated with the EU.

It is unclear how this will affect consumers in England, Scotland, and Wales practically.

Samsung, Apple, and Huawei have not yet reacted to the reform, which was approved by an overwhelming majority of 602 to 13 in the legislature.

Apple has cautioned against such a move in the past, warning that it would hinder innovation and generate enormous amounts of electronic garbage.

A universal charger has been a topic of discussion for years, as iPhone and Android users have grumbled about needing to use different chargers.

Half of the chargers sold with mobile phones in 2018 had a USB micro-B connector, while 29% had a USB-C connector and 21% had an Apple Lightning connector, according to official statistics.

Alex Agius Saliba, a member of the European Parliament, stated, “The universal charger will become a reality in Europe.” We have waited more than a decade for these regulations, but we can now put the current abundance of charges behind us.

This future-proof regulation will benefit everyone, from dissatisfied consumers to the environment.


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