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Elon Musk U-turns on joining Twitter board subsequent to turning into association’s biggest investor

“I accept this is generally a good thing,” Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal says, adding that the organization has been “clear about the dangers” of Musk joining the board.

Parag Agrawal said the Tesla and SpaceX organizer handed off his choice on Saturday – the day he was expected to be designated.

“I accept this is generally a good thing,” Mr. Agrawal said, adding that the organization had been “clear about the dangers” of Musk joining the board, without giving explicit reasons.

In any case, the board had felt it best for Musk to be a “trustee of the organization”, he added, really intending that “he, similar to all board individuals, needs to act to the greatest advantage of the organization and every one of our investors”.

Musk seemed to have been anticipating joining the board, tweeting on Thursday that its next gathering was “going to be lit”.


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