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Anti-Putin paramilitary outfit predicts more Russia incursions.

The Russian Volunteer Corps leader says, “Please be patient and wait a few days.”

A group claiming responsibility for a recent Belgorod incident has threatened more attacks.

The commander of the Russian Volunteer Corps, Denis Kapustin (also known as Denis Nikitin), was addressing the Ukrainian side of the border with Russia a day after his group claimed responsibility for an armed raid in the Belgorod region.

Anti-Putin paramilitary outfit predicts more Russia incursions.

He stated, “I believe you will see us on that side again.

“I cannot divulge upcoming events, nor can I disclose their direction.

Again, there will be a place where tensions flare up along the border, as it is quite extensive.

He stated that his anti-Putin forces had held “approximately 42 square kilometers” of Russian territory for “quite some time,” adding, “We’re fighting for freedom, we’re fighting against injustice, so we’re fighting against torture and heinous acts of police brutality.”

Russia initially attributed the incursion to Ukraine and claimed that 70 of the attackers were slain or repelled.

Mr. Kapustin said two fighters were mildly injured, two were killed, and ten were injured.

As mementos, they had also captured a Russian armored vehicle and an anti-drone gun, according to him.

I know precisely where I obtained my weaponry.

Mr. Kapustin was questioned if he used given US military weapons to defend Ukraine from Russian attacks.

He stated, “I know precisely where I obtained my weapons, and it wasn’t from our Western allies.”

There have long been concerns that weapons donated by the West to Ukraine could eventually be used against Russia, and Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated, “It is no secret that this equipment is being used against our military, and it is no secret for us that the direct and indirect involvement of Western countries in this conflict is growing by the day – we are drawing the appropriate conclusions.”

It is up to Ukraine to determine the course of this conflict.

Matthew Miller, a spokesman for the US State Department, stated on Tuesday, “As a general rule, we do not encourage or facilitate strikes within Russia, and we have made that abundantly clear.

However, as we have also stated, Ukraine must determine how to conduct this war.

Mr. Kapustin stated, “I believe I have explained that Western military aid is regrettably raided in both directions.

“In Bakhmut, for instance, I am aware that Russian forces raided a large number of American armored vehicles.”

‘You should be just a little bit patient

He stated that Ukraine provided his group with information, fuel, food, and medication, but he added, “Every decision we make…beyond our state’s border is our own.”

We can ask our (Ukrainian) allies and acquaintances for planning assistance.

“Our intentions for the future include entering new territories of the Russian Federation… “You should have a little bit of patience and wait a few days,” he added.

I have my own set of views, which are patriotic.

Mr. Kapustin has been described as a “Russian neo-Nazi who lived in Germany for many years,” and when asked if he minded being labeled a Nazi, he replied that he did not “consider it an insult.”

He added, “I have my own set of opinions, which are patriotic, traditionalist, and conservative.

“You’ll never see me waving a flag with a swastika, and you’ll never see me making the Hitler salute, so why would you call me that?”

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