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IHC suspends Imran’s arrest orders, gives him trial court chance tomorrow.

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) suspended Imran Khan’s non-bailable arrest warrants until March 18, allowing him to appear before the trial court hearing the Toshakhana reference against the former prime minister.

Aamer Farooq, chief justice of the IHC, also instructed the Islamabad district and sessions court. And the capital police to provide Imran with adequate security.

Imran, embroiled in legal complexities, has resisted arrest in the Toshakhana case and is holed up in his Zaman Park home encircled by hundreds of supporters who have engaged in “aggressive battles” with the police and Rangers over the past few days.

IHC suspends Imran's arrest orders, gives him trial court chance tomorrow.

The Islamabad police, backed by their Punjab Police colleagues and the Rangers, arrived at the ex-premier’s home on Tuesday to implement non-bailable arrest warrants issued by an Islamabad sessions court for him in the Toshakhana reference — in which he has missed multiple hearings.

However, law enforcement agencies retreated Wednesday evening, announcing that the operation had been suspended due to the Pakistan Super League. (PSL). Additionally, the LHC intervened and delayed the operation.

On Thursday, an Islamabad sessions court affirmed the arrest warrants for Imran, noting that the PTI leader had “challenged the dignity and authority of the state.” It also maintained its order for the ex-prime minister’s arrest and judicial appearance by March 18.

The former prime minister filed yet another petition with the IHC challenging the verdict of the lower court earlier today. Imran pleaded that the trial court’s order be vacated and his arrest warrants be stayed “until the final disposition of the petition” so that PTI’s leader could appear in court on March 18.

During the hearing, Imran’s attorney, Khawaja Haris, presented an affidavit stating that the PTI leader would appear in court on March 18.

At the outset of the hearing, the judge inquired as to why the trial court had rejected Imran’s undertaking. Haris responded that the trial court had stated that non-bailable warrants could not be canceled.

Additionally, the attorney stated that Imran had security concerns.

“The administration informed me that security arrangements were being made. “The trial court judge has also issued orders in this regard, and I will ensure that they are carried out,” stated Justice Farooq.

In addition, he cautioned that contempt of court proceedings could be brought against Imran if he violated the submitted undertaking.

“My client will appear in court tomorrow regardless of what happens,” replied Imran’s attorney.

Consequently, Justice Farooq stayed Imran’s arrest warrants until tomorrow’s hearing before the sessions court. And prohibited Islamabad police from “harassing” him.

He also instructed Imran to appear on March 18 before the trial court.

Imran will visit the LHC to ensure his appearance before an Islamabad court.
Separately, Imran intended to go to the Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday to assure the court that he was prepared to appear before the Islamabad sessions court on March 18. The latter court has issued non-bailable arrest warrants for the former prime minister.

“Imran Khan will personally appear before the LHC and assure the judge that he is prepared to appear before the Islamabad court,” PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry told the media today, adding, “an undertaking has also been given in this regard.”

Chaudhry sought “safe passage” to the Islamabad sessions court outside the LHC.

He clarified that the ex-prime minister’s arrest warrant was issued solely to guarantee his presence in court. “The apprehension of Imran Khan is not the purpose of the warrant. Only confirming his presence is required.”

On the Sundar Das road, containers have been positioned, but only one-way traffic is permitted.

LHC will consider Imran’s requests for protective bail in nine cases.
The LHC will hear the PTI chairman’s protective parole requests in nine Islamabad and Lahore FIRs.

A two-member bench composed of Justice Tariq Saleem Sheikh and Justice Farooq Haider will consider requests for protective bail in four terrorism-related cases.

In the interim, a single-member tribunal comprised of Justice Sheikh will hear bail requests in five cases.

LHC forbids police intervention in Zaman Park

The LHC extended Imran’s detention ban today while hearing Chaudhry’s appeal against Zaman Park police action.

Previously, the court twice halted the police operation outside the ex-prime minister’s residence and ordered the Punjab police and PTI to sit down and discuss the matter.

Before today’s hearing, Chaudhry tweeted that both parties “agreed to resolve the issues” and that the agreed-upon resolution will be presented in court today.

As the hearing began, Chaudhry congratulated the judge, stating, “You have saved Pakistan and Lahore over the past two days.”

“Your intervention has resulted in the saving of lives,” he added.

Imran Khan’s safety was discussed by the PTI leader’s team with the Punjab police superintendent and chief secretary.

Chaudhry stated that the Punjab government had assured the delegation that the PTI leader would receive adequate security. He also told the court that the PTI’s planned public gathering at the Minar-e-Pakistan would be held on Monday.

In addition, he informed the court that a parole application for the party leader had been submitted.

The judge then noted that there were two distinct issues. “One is being heard by the Islamabad High Court, while the other is being heard by a trial court,” he said, querying how his court could hear the case.

“We ask that the police refrain from arresting our employees,” he continued, addressing the IG.

The judge stated that those who committed “injustice” must be punished according to the law, regardless of their affiliation. Justice Sheikh added, “We have cameras everywhere, so those who commit wrongdoing can be easily identified.”

The PTI attorney stated to the magistrate, “We would like for our client to attend the hearing of his plea.”

The judge responded, “It is possible that the case will not be assigned to me.”

The provincial police chief informed the court that the PTI had consented to appoint a point person and that no area would be designated a “no-go zone.”

If their legitimate demands were not met, the judge instructed the PTI leader to pursue the proper legal procedures.

The IGP asked the court to issue instructions regarding the execution of search warrants.

The advocate general of Punjab informed the court that the police lacked access to Zaman Park to complete legal procedures.

Chaudhry argued that the police were requesting authorization to make arrests. “They have filed one FIR against 2,500 individuals,” he stated.

Khawaja Tariq Rahim, an attorney for the PTI, informed the court that two arrest warrants had been issued. One for Imran and the other for Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah.

He then requested that the police superintendent update the court on the status of the Sanaullah arrest warrant. The attorney guaranteed the court that his client would appear.

The IGP requested a visit to Zaman Park again.

“How do you plan to satisfy them?” Justice Sheikh questioned the IG and then ordered all involved parties to settle down and find a solution.

After hearing arguments, Justice Sheikh announced that the case would be reheard at 3 p.m. on the following day. Consequently, the police action ban in Zaman Park was extended for an additional three hours.

The advocate general informed the court at the resumption of the hearing that the PTI and Punjab government had reached an agreement and then read the terms of reference in court.

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